Meet Alla Perkova, the ‘real l

Image: alla_perkova/Instagram

Meet Alla Perkova, the ‘real life Rapunzel’ from the Ukraine [photos]

A lawyer from the Ukraine has been dubbed the ‘real life Rapunzel’ by her followers as her hair is now longer than her entire body.

Meet Alla Perkova, the ‘real l

Image: alla_perkova/Instagram

Lawyer Alla Perkova, 37, from Odessa, Ukraine, has gained thousands of followers on Instagram as a result of her incredibly long hair, which she says she has never cut. The ‘real life Rapunzel’, has attracted admiration from across the world and has gone on to work with a range of A-listers.

A real life Rapunzel

According to The Mirror, due to her unique look, she has been dubbed the ‘real life Rapunzel’ by her followers with her hair now longer than her entire body.

Natural hair

It is reported that she has now become accustomed to the length due to growing it for such a long time – but still maintains her locks by washing her tresses every two days. She ultimately prides herself on her all-natural hair, as she doesn’t use any hair growth products and has even gained the attention of some A-list celebrities.

Candice Swanepoel and Jared Leto, are two of the celebrities who have become fans. It is said that she met Jared Leto on her honeymoon, and he was in awe of her amazing hair, while model Candice Swanepoel shared a photo of Alla’s hair on her own Instagram account.

Healthy hair

Alla wishes to do modelling, although she’s currently practising law, and she hopes that her long locks will help her to achieve her long-standing goal of becoming a full-time model.

“I never thought that this hair length was possible,” Alla said. “Since childhood, I’ve always loved hair if it is healthy. My mum always had hair down to her waist I just wanted the same. My mother is the ideal of femininity and beauty for me. I wanted to be like her in character and appearance.”

She said that she didn’t think that her hair could grow to the floor and be longer than herself.

“I wash my hair once every two days and I only use regular shampoo for normal hair. I don’t like to apply balms or masks – I use them, but not often. I don’t cut the ends of my hair, because I don’t like it when it is straight and I don’t want the hair to look like a wig.”