bride wedding dress

This bride gave away her dress and started a beautiful trend. Images via Facebook: Gwendolyn Stulgis

Kind-hearted bride gives away R47k wedding dress – starts beautiful trend

A bride with a heart of gold just couldn’t let her R43k wedding gown gather dust in her closet and so she gave it to a future bride in need.

bride wedding dress

This bride gave away her dress and started a beautiful trend. Images via Facebook: Gwendolyn Stulgis

A gorgeous young bride started a beautiful trend on Facebook after deciding to give away her expensive wedding dress. In an interview with Insider, Gwendolyn Stulgis shares how she initially put the dress in storage but later decided that it would do much better going to another bride who needed it and wanted to feel as beautiful as she felt wearing it.

One lucky bride will now be wearing the dress and plans on passing it on to the next bride in need of a beautiful wedding gown.

Bride passes on wedding dress, sparks chain reaction

Like most brides, Gwendolyn looked forward to finding the dress that would make her feel most like a princess on her wedding day.

With a budget of $1000 she took to the shops and came across the dress of her dreams, a champagne-colored wedding dress by Allure Bridals which cost $3000 (over R47k).

While it was way over budget, she just had to have it:

“I got emotional looking at it because it was everything I really wanted,” she said. “I don’t think I could have pictured myself in anything else. That dress was just made for me.”

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And so on 6 May this year, she said “I do” to her now-husband Frank Stulgis.

After the wedding, she placed the dress in storage but later decided it would be much better in another bride-to-be’s arms.

And so she headed to Facebook on 19 May and shared in a few wedding groups that she wanted to pass the beautiful dress on to someone getting married in the next three months who was also willing to pass it on after her special day.

She and her husband then looked over many future brides who wanted the dress but eventually chose Margret Hyde who was nominated by her future sister-in-law Alycia Ashley who described Margret as one of the most giving people in the world.

“Margaret is just an amazing person,” Ashley said. “She is the type of person that will give you the shirt off of her back. She’s always the one doing the giving.”

A lovely ending

The beautiful story has resulted in a Facebook group called Shared Dream Dresses where 12 brides have already given their dresses to other future brides in need.

“I want to help as many women as I can find their dream dress,” Stulgis said. “I honestly didn’t think it would get this much traction but I am excited to see it blossom.

“Everyone should feel the magic and beauty I felt the day I married my best friend,” Gwendolyn told Business Insider.