gwede mantashe belly

This man is not happy with Gwede Mantashe or the ANC. Images via Twitter: @shonnyrsa/@enca

Gwede Mantashe’s protruding belly upsets Soweto resident [watch]

Saying that SA is gatvol of the ANC is an understatement. Watch how an angry Soweto man absolutely ROASTS Gwede Mantashe on live TV.

gwede mantashe belly

This man is not happy with Gwede Mantashe or the ANC. Images via Twitter: @shonnyrsa/@enca

South Africans are absolutely fed up with the country’s leading party and this is becoming increasingly clear. One Soweto resident could not help but vent his frustration around our Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Gwede Mantashe’s belly while lamenting over Eskom and the country’s leaders who have failed to keep the power utility company in check over the last 10 years.

After watching the clip, many South Africans could not help but agree that things are certainly getting worse and not better for the country under the current leadership.

Gwede Mantashe’s potbelly goes viral

Over the years, South Africans have grown sick of incompetent leadership and how it has affected thousands of the country’s citizens’ standards of living.

More and more people are vocalising their unhappiness. One Soweto resident took full advantage when an eNCA journalist approached him for comment regarding Eskom’s failure to consistently keep the lights on.

Speaking about the country’s ministers and their reputation for corruption and incompetence, the angry protester said:

“Have you seen the stomach of Gwede Mantashe?! Have you seen how big is he? You should have seen him before he came into office but now he’s like this because of our votes. We are sick and tired of this. Soweto is tired,” he says angrily.

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Mzansi agrees wholeheartedly

The post sparked a chain reaction from South Africans who could relate to the man’s frustration. Many of them mocked the country’s politicians who have seemingly lost the respect of the nation.

@zingcezithande wrote:

“Gwede Mantashe must answer why is he having a big stomach whilst the people of Soweto are without electricity.”

A big booze lover?

In 2020, Mantashe also trended as social media users discussed his reaction to an R2.89 increase in whisky and spirits.

Mantashe – who was among other ministers while then finance minister Tito Mboweni did the budget speech – appeared appalled to hear that he would be paying that much more for his favourite kind of liquor.

While Mzansi mostly laughed, many worried that a minister should not be as concerned over alcohol prices as Mantashe is.