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Step-by-step guide to connecting your DStv Explora to the internet [video]

You can either connect your Explora to the internet through an Ethernet cable or a WiFi Connector.


Source / dstv.com

In an effort to allow users to experience the full functionality of the Explora, DStv made it possible for you to connect the much-coveted decoder to the internet.

When connected to the internet, users will be able to access Catch Up Plus, with a lot more options to choose from, as well as access to Showmax.

There are two ways to connect your Explora decoder to the internet: through an Ethernet cable or a WiFi Connector.

Connect DStv Explora to the internet using Ethernet cable

You can only connect your Explora to the internet using an Ethernet cable if it is close enough to your WiFi’s router.

Step one

Insert the Ethernet cable directly into the green Ethernet port (you will find this at the back of the DStv Explora). Thereafter, you will have to insert the other end of the cable into the Ethernet port that is on the router.

Step two

You will have to check whether the Explora is picking up the internet connection by going to the Connectivity Checker. 

Press HELP on your remote and select Tools > Connectivity Checker and then press OK.

Step three

Generally, the default setting for online DStv services such as Catch Up Plus and Showmax is always on “OFF“.

You will need to choose which option from these two you would like to enable. To do this you will have to select the blue DStv button then go to Settings > User Preferences > Connected Services.

This is where you will be able to choose whether you want to turn each of the two services on or off.

Connect DStv Explora to the internet using WiFi Connector

Before you install the DStv connector you will need to ensure that your WiFi router is switched on and that you have a working internet connection.

Step one

Select the blue DStv button on your Explora remote. On Settings, select System Settings > Connectivity Setup.

Step two

You will then have to insert the DStv WiFi Connector into the designated docking station. Make sure that the docking station is placed next to the decoder.

Step three

You will notice that the LED light on the WiFi Connector is a solid white, confirming that it has power.

Allow the Explora to automatically search for WiFi networks. It will display the networks that are available in its range.

Select your WiFi network by pressing OK on the remote and then press OK again to prompt the connection of your decoder to your WiFi network.

Step four

If your network is password-protected, you will be prompted to enter your password. Enter the password now.

Allow the decoder to automatically test connectivity to the internet.

DStv’s support team have recommended that

“when it comes to getting connected, you need a working internet connection in your home. We recommend an uncapped ADSL account, with a minimum 4Mbps download speed. For the best experience, a download speed of at least 10Mbps is recommended to fully enjoy your experience. Data costs may apply when streaming or downloading content.”