Watch: Pride of lions try and

Photo: LatestSightings/YouTube

Watch: Pride of lions try and take down a huge giraffe [video]

A giraffe defending itself from a pride of lions in the Kruger National Park makes for some riveting viewing.

Watch: Pride of lions try and

Photo: LatestSightings/YouTube

Real-time animal reporting application, Latest Sightings recently shared footage of a giraffe kicking at a pride of lions.

This comes after Thokozani Phakathi told Latest Sightings that this particular wildlife sighting took place in the Kruger National Park in December 2019.

“We were driving south on the H4-2, on our way back from the Crocodile Bridge Camp when we spotted a giraffe being held hostage by a pride of approximately eight lions. We stopped to see how the hunt would play out. They made several attempts to bring down the giraffe, but it was firing killer kicks from hell!”

It looked like the lions were very cautious and didn’t want to risk injury or death:

“Particularly because they were all females and the fact that lionesses are usually the ones to secure a meal. This makes them a valuable asset to the pride. It seems that part of their strategy was to exhaust the giraffe and finish the business after dark, taking advantage of their good night vision, and probably when the males are back from patrolling duties so they could add their strong muscle and hefty bodies.”

The lions proceeded to take turns in exhausting the giraffe for a few minutes.

“As each lion took a turn, they’d lay down and pant for a while and then start the process all over. This process insured that there was no escape route for the giraffe. We could only count up to eight lions as they were scattered all around and in between the thickets of the bush.”

He says that due to time constraints, they never saw the final outcome.

“It was an absolute thrill to witness how lions coordinate and deploy their strategy to intimidate, frustrate and exhaust their potential prey. I’d normally see such events on National Geographic, but I never even had the thought that I would see something like this with my naked eye.”

Watch the giraffe defending itself from a pride of lions over here:

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