Live in Tuscany

Live in Tuscany. Image: Unsplash

Get paid to live in Tuscany: See here for more

Do you fancy moving abroad to live in Tuscany, and being paid to do so? Here’s more on how to make this become your reality.

Live in Tuscany

Live in Tuscany. Image: Unsplash

You might want to consider moving to Italy. Tuscany is paying people to live there!

If life in South Africa has become a bore or a bit too taxing, here is something worth considering.


A handful of countries in Europe are happy to welcome new residents. Some, like Italy, are even willing to pay you to move there.

Various regions in Italy offer a variety of incentives to entice people to move there.

In fact, several small cities across the European continent have generous grant programs for potential new residents.


Many people from countries outside Europe dream of living in Italy, but more especially in Tuscany.

Tuscany is one of the best regions in Italy to live in – if you enjoy Italian culture.

It is well located for travel in Italy and neighbouring countries.

Furthermore, the region is home to Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and other famous towns. It also has great weather.

The charming architecture, charismatic people, delicious food and picturesque settings are often all it takes to lure foreigners to make the move.

Just think about movies like Under the Tuscan Sun or Tea with Mussolini to reflect on why foreigners want a slice of La Dolce Vita.


Last month, Tuscany launched a residency program that will pay people to live in the Italian countryside.

The program draws on a multimillion Euro fund to support new Tuscan residents in starting a life in Italy.


The incentive program is part of Italy’s effort to stabilize its decreasing population numbers.

It offers candidates the financial backing to fix up old homes at the same time.

The grants will cover 50% of renovation costs for a home in one of 76 Tuscan towns or cities that have less than 5 000 residents.

“The purpose of the intervention is to favour and encourage the repopulation and socio-economic revitalization of mountain areas, acting in contrast to the marginalization of these areas,” a translated statement from the Tuscan program’s website reads.


Applicants could receive up to Euro 30 000 (R590 000) in renovation funds, according to Euronews.

Italian nationals, residents of the European Union and non-EU citizens who can obtain long-term residency can choose from among several locations in Tuscany.

However, individuals interested in living in Tuscany will have to act fast. The programme will remain open to applicants for less than three weeks.

Applications for the program close later this month, on 27 July.

Would you be interested in living in Tuscany?

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