supermoon full moon worm moon march

Image credit: Pixabay

Full worm supermoon: Start time and weather forecast for Thursday 21 March

This year’s worm moon is special because it coincides with the spring equinox.

supermoon full moon worm moon march

Image credit: Pixabay

Get ready, folks. We’ll be able to see the full worm supermoon during the early Thursday morning hours, and it will be the last we get to see this year.

People up in the northern hemisphere will get to see it first, but we down here in Africa will get bask in its beauty as well. This year’s worm moon is special because it coincides with the spring equinox.

That has happened since 2000 and won’t happen again until 2030. And with the moon appearing 14% bigger and a whopping 30% brighter, you don’t want to miss it.

Full worm supermoon, 21 March – essential knowledge:

What is a super moon?

The short explanation: a super moon – also known as a “perigean full moon” or “perigee syzygy,” – is just a full moon in its closest orbit to Earth. Perigee means “near Earth.”

Tonight, the moon will be only 360 772 kilometres from Earth. While that doesn’t sound close it at all, it’s quite close in astronomical terms.

Why the name ‘worm moon?’

Every full moon of every month has its own name – ‘wolf moon’ in January, ‘snow moon’ in February, ‘worm moon’ in March, ‘pink moon’ in April,’ and so forth.

March’s full moon is known as ‘worm moon’ because it coincides with the time when earthworms in the northern hemisphere start to emerge at the end of winter.

What time is the supermoon on Thursday 21 March?

Peak time for the March full moon will be at 03:42 on Thursday morning. Yes, that is pretty darn early. Unless you’re a night owl, best to set that alarm.

Watch the live stream here.

SA weather update: Will the skies be clear on Thursday 21 March?

We’re in luck! Some of us, anyway. According to AccuWeather, we’ll have clear skies, or mostly clear skies ahead. These are all the main areas. To confirm the weather for your region, visit AccuWeather and search for your town.

Gauteng, Johannesburg Mostly Clear 16° degrees
Western Cape, Cape Town Mostly clear 16° degrees
Northern Cape, Kimberley Mostly clear 18° degrees
Eastern Cape, Bhisho Cloudy 15° degrees
Free State, Bloemfontein Mostly Clear 14° degrees
KwaZulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg Cloudy 19° degrees
Limpopo, Polokwane Clear 20° degrees
Mpumalanga, Mbombela Mostly clear 20° degrees
North West, Mahikeng Clear 18° degrees

How can I see Thursday’s full worm supermoon?

Rejoice. It will be visible to the naked eye; you won’t need any special equipment. Simply head out, find the moon and look up.