TikTok creators Chadjones957, @Sphokuhle.N, @KaylaKimKay, and @Baby.Daiz share what Freedom Day means to them

TikTok creators Chadjones957, @Sphokuhle.N, @KaylaKimKay, and @Baby.Daiz share what Freedom Day means to them.
Image via TikTok

‘Being able to do what I love’: TikTokers on meaning of Freedom Day

Four South African TikTok stars share what Freedom Day – celebrated annually on 27 April – means to them in the digital age…

TikTok creators Chadjones957, @Sphokuhle.N, @KaylaKimKay, and @Baby.Daiz share what Freedom Day means to them

TikTok creators Chadjones957, @Sphokuhle.N, @KaylaKimKay, and @Baby.Daiz share what Freedom Day means to them.
Image via TikTok

Freedom Day and democracy in South Africa signifies the ability to be recognised as equals, irrespective of race, religion, gender-pronouns or sexual preference.

Freedom of expression – one of the cornerstones of our constitution – is a right we don’t take for granted, especially in the digital era. One of the avenues celebrating Freedom Day and all it encompasses is social media platform TikTok, who have established itself as a place where culture starts and where creativity knows no bounds – where anyone can express their beliefs, share thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

With the 28th celebration of Freedom Day in South Africa, the new generation of digital natives have taken to TikTok through the hashtag #FreedomToBeMe to express themselves and what this day means to them and their generation.

@tiktok.southafrica #WhatAreWeDoingToday? Celebrating everyone who chooses the freedom to be themselves. Join us alongside #MTNza as we celebrate the #FreedomToBeMe ♬ original sound – TikTok South Africa

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recently spoke with a few popular creators, including @KaylaKimKay@Sphokuhle.NChadjones957 and @Baby.Daiz, to hear their views of what freedom is and what Freedom Day means to them.

What does ‘freedom’ mean to you?

@KaylaKimKay: Freedom is the ability to work towards my goals and dreams, and being able to achieve them without boundaries, without constraint or patriarchy.

@Sphokuhle.n: Freedom Day to me means being able to express myself. Being able to do what I love without being judged for it.

On TikTok, how do you express freedom in your creativity and content creation?

@Chadjones957: I express freedom through dance. I feel like TikTok in general has given a lot of people the freedom to express who they are, whether it being through dancing, acting, singing or just speaking on things that are important to them. I also express myself freely through the music I dance to and the people I love.

@KaylaKimKay: I am unapologetically myself. I voice my feelings when I feel something is wrong or may be hurtful towards others, and I stand up for what’s right.

How do you generally celebrate Freedom Day?

@Chadjones957: I celebrate Freedom Day with my family and friends by going to, or hosting a gathering with good food, company and music.

@KaylaKimKay: I celebrate it in my everyday life.

@Baby.daiz: I go out and celebrate those that fought for us by appreciating what they did and harvested for us.

@Sphokuhle.n: I braai and watch Freedom Day commemoration movies with friends and family.


If you had the honour to be part of a movie that commemorated Freedom Day, which role would you want to take?

@Baby.daiz: Chris Hani

@KaylaKimKay: Winnie Mandela or Rosa Park

@Sphokuhle.n: Sarafina

What would you call this movie?

@Baby.daiz: Breaking the chains of the hidden

@Chadjones957: Do You!

@KaylaKimKay: We are human, too!

@Sphokuhle.n: Gen Z fighters!

Which five local TikTok creators would you want to star with in this movie?

@Chadjones957: Ofentse MwaseNathan MolefeNadia JaftaBanele Ndada and Khanyisa Jaceni

@Baby.daiz: Bryan KAZAKATroy ShepherdKing Lluvia and Chad Jones.

What is your message around Freedom Day to people reading this article?

@KaylaKimKayBe unapologetically you. Our ancestors have fought and gone through enough for us to walk in shackles. Stand up for what is right. Stand up when being excluded on the bases of race and gender. We are the change for the generations to come. We still have a long way to go.

@Baby.daiz: We must appreciate those that fought for us to have a better future with their lives. It’s our responsibility to keep their names alive and to also continue the narrative by never going back to our old ways.

@Sphokuhle.n: Never be afraid to show your true self! Explore your talents and creativity! Do what you make you feel free!

@Chadjones957: Freedom is a blessing that comes with certain responsibilities. Let’s appreciate the freedom we have as well as respect it.

To be part of the conversation and see what others are doing for Freedom Day, simply join #FreedomToBeMe on TikTok.