Brutal Fruit

Brutal Fruit just launched a fragrance called ‘You Belong’. Image via Instagram: @BrutalFruit

SAB fragrance venture: Now you can smell like Brutal Fruit!

Brutal Fruit just launched a fragrance and Mzansi cannot be more excited. Of course they also cracked some jokes too. Take a look!

Brutal Fruit

Brutal Fruit just launched a fragrance called ‘You Belong’. Image via Instagram: @BrutalFruit

Alcoholic cider Brutal Fruit has been around for ages here in South Africa and over the years has gained many solid fans. It seems like the alcohol brand is ready to thank their supporters and they’ve done so by introducing a fragrance to the market – yes you heard right, a fragrance.

The company just announced the arrival of their new perfume which is called “You Belong”. And just like a few of their ciders, the fragrance is a blend of sparkling citrus and floral top notes.

Brutal Fruit launches fragrance

In what may be a first for an alcoholic brand, Brutal Fruit just launched a fragrance. The South African beverage company excitedly announced that they are launching their very own perfume called “You Belong”.

According to the company’s marketing manager, Ramona Kayembe, the fragrance was developed to “celebrate a sisterhood that uplifts and positively affects all those they encounter.”

At this point, you’re probably what the fragrance smells like, well, Kayembe explains that it is a blend of sparkling citrus with top floral notes with a middle of sandalwood, plum, and peach with a base of tonka beans.

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Taking to their Instagram, Brutal Fruit shared the news by captioning a fun advertisement of the fragrance:

“Our new fragrance is the head turner you never knew you needed ???????? Introducing You Belong by Brutal Fruit: An elegant and delicate blend of fruity, floral, and spicy notes, inspired by confident women. Is this exciting or what?”

Cider lovers are definitely excited

reloesef said:

“Definitely exciting like our drink, would love to try it #YouBelongToAffect.”

seela_tsholo joked:

“So children under the age of 18 aren’t supposed to use it?”

zethuzamandosy wrote:

“My my my ????????????❤️❤️❤️ I would definitely like to explore all the blends of You Belong… #YouBelongToAffect.”

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