FoodForward SA to the rescue t

FoodForward SA is helping to alleviate hunger in SA by redirecting salvaged food. Image : File

FoodForward SA to the rescue through salvaging food supplies

Mandela Day and beyond: A local food bank initiative. FoodForward SA, is helping to feed South Africa’s needy by salvaging excess food supplies.

FoodForward SA to the rescue t

FoodForward SA is helping to alleviate hunger in SA by redirecting salvaged food. Image : File

Events of this week have resulted in millions of people across South Africa being deprived of food security through arson, looting and civil unrest. This situation has spurred many South Africans to action in lending a hand where they can by getting involved in relief operations.


Images on social media show thousands of South Africans in rural areas being forced to stand in kilometre-long queues in locations that have been impacted due to supply chain disruptions.  

With rural communities bearing the brunt of broken supply chains due to the wanton looting and arson which took place this week there is an urgent need for supplies to reach rural areas.

This is where FoodForward SA is able to step in and help those most impacted by the effects of recent events. The project operates mobile food depots, bringing salvaged produce to rural areas .

FoodForward SA: Waste not want not

Media reports show numbers of South Africans in dire need of essential food supplies in certain parts of the country, while perfectly usable products are being disposed of in other parts of South Africa.

The prospect of perfectly good food which you see on the shelves ending up in the rubbish bin is what drives FoodForward SA. The project operates as a food bank around the country, gathering excess produce from companies and distributing it to charities.

Surplus stock

According to News24, FoodForward SA scours food producers every day to take the surplus stock off their hands and distribute it to the needy, instead of it being taken to incinerators to be destroyed. 

“It is the most criminal thing to throw away food,” said FoodForward SA managing director Andy du Plessis. 


Established in 2009 to address widespread hunger in South Africa, FoodForward SA redirects excess food supplies to those in need by recovering quality edible surplus food from the consumer goods supply chain and distributing it to community organisations that serve the poor.

FoodForward SA says on its website that that one-third of all food produced in South Africa ends up in landfill sites while 14 million people in the country go hungry. According to the initiative, over 80% of the food it recovers is nutritious food.


FoodForward SA relies on corporate and individual partners to enable it to carry out its work of addressing hunger and promoting social change.

FoodForward SA says that although the past year witnessed tough trading conditions for many of its partners, food sourcing efforts have improved thanks to enhanced engagement with several stakeholders in the supply chain.