Light wine

As a general rule, any wine with an alcohol percentage under 12.5 percent is considered light-bodied. Photo Pexels

What advantages does drinking light wine have?

For many families, light wine is a dinnertime staple, but like many nicer things in life, it also has certain benefits.

Light wine

As a general rule, any wine with an alcohol percentage under 12.5 percent is considered light-bodied. Photo Pexels

Wine is notably high in calories and alcohol content, however, light wines, such as those with lesser sugar, calories, and ABV (alcohol by volume) – or even no alcohol at all exist, so you don’t have to sacrifice taste or quality with each sip.

You don’t have to fully stop off wine if you want to lose a few pounds or be more responsible with your alcohol use.

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Due to South African customers‘ increased attention to their health and fitness, the light wine sector has experienced significant growth in recent years.

People want to be able to enjoy their favourite alcoholic beverage, like a good and tasty light wine without worrying about consuming too many calories or alcohol. A cool glass of wine after the day’s tumult is one of those habits that is unlikely to ever be broken.

Here are a few benefits of light wine


Don’t be deceived by the market’s selection of light wine. Although you may trade off the number of calories and alcohol, you don’t trade off the flavour. You may still enjoy the tropical fruit and floral undertones that a Chenin is most known for by drinking a light white wine since it is light and pleasant.

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Fewer calories and sugar

Wines with less alcohol have fewer calories. Enjoy yourself a light wine without feeling guilty about your night-time pleasure!

Modesty is key

South Africa is following a global trend toward a more thoughtful approach to alcohol use. Overindulging in alcohol is never a smart idea, so you can be confident that you’ll still feel wonderful the next day if you choose a lower-alcohol option.

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You sleep better

It only takes one too many drinks to sabotage a restful night’s sleep. You may take in the evening’s events and have a restful night’s sleep by choosing a lighter wine.

Early grape picking is a natural way to produce light wines. Early harvest grapes and wines from colder areas naturally have lower alcohol levels without sacrificing flavour. The amount of sugar in the fruit directly relates to the amount of alcohol in the wine.