biltong south african snack

Biltong. Photo: Envato Elements

Ten foods every South African will know [photos]

One of the best parts about being South Africa is undeniably our kief kos. Here are some of our favourites.

biltong south african snack

Biltong. Photo: Envato Elements

There’s so much to love about being South African. From our breathtaking mountain ranges, to our coastal cities, to the warm people inhabiting them. South Africa is filled with many memorable moments. Yet, one of the best parts about being South Africa is undeniable: our kif kos.

Here is a list of quintessential South African bites


bobotie south african food
Bobotie. Photo: Envato Elements

A Cape Malay dish, which mixes together raisins, beef, and flurry of spices into a golden pot of goodness.


spookies south african snack
Photo: Spookies website

Not to be confused with Ghost Pops, these scary snacks are sure to bring back memories of simpler times. And most of us still indulge, no judgies.

Jelly Tots

jellytots snack
Photo: Jellytots official website

What more could you ask for than bite-sized, fruit-flavoured jelly coated in sugar? (Try freezing them on a hot day before you dive in – trust me)

Ouma rusks

ouma rusks south african snack
Photo: Ouma / Nola website

No morning cuppa is complete without this hearty… delicious… indescribable… What are rusks anyway? A biscuit?


chappies snack south africa
Photo: Chappies website

Did you know most South African’s have childhood memories of this delicious gum? Cue the unwrapping, bubble blowing and general knowledge.

And while it’s a cool memory for all of us, none of us are as cool as South Africa’s very own golden girl, Caster Semenya.

Imagine seeing yourself as a wrapper fact!

Cadbury Chocolate

Yes, Cadbury Chocolate is not originally from South Africa. But did you know South African chocolate uses HALF the dairy western chocolate does – in order to prevent a faster spoil rate? That’s why South African chocolate will always taste a little bit like home. (Also why you might find international chocolate to be richer.)


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

They’re delicious. ‘nuff said. Whether you favour the Cape Malay version or the kerk basaar option.

Biltong / droe wors

biltong south african snack
Biltong. Photo: Envato Elements

If you’re reading this description without any clue as to what it is, you’re probably not South African. Just trust me when I say it is the perfect meaty snack.


samoosa south african snack
Photo: Envato Elements

Another item which did not originate from South Africa, samoosas have found their home in the hearts of many South African. Sweetcorn and cheese? Mince? Chicken? I’ll have them all. Please just don’t call them “samousa“.


boerwors south african food

No braai is complete without this sausage. Packed with flavorful spices, served on a buttered roll, and covered in chutney. Mmmmm.