comfort food

Cosy up with a bowl of winter comfort food. Image: Unsplash.

Warm-up this winter with comfort food steaming with flavour

Cosy up this winter close to a crackling fire with a bowl of comfort food.

comfort food

Cosy up with a bowl of winter comfort food. Image: Unsplash.

Winter is officially here and all we want is to stay warm. There is something so comforting about filling your kitchen with the warm flavours of winter food while the rain pours relentlessly outside and the wind howls around the corners of your house.

Cosy up this winter close to a crackling fire with your preferred comfort food. We have selected four of our favourite comfort food recipes.

Slow-Cooked Oxtail Stew – Rich and fall-of-the-bone tender

Slow-cooked oxtail stew
Slow-cooked oxtail stew: Comfort food for the cold winter months. Image: Supplied.

It hardly gets better than this: Slow-cooked oxtail resulting in bone-marrow soft meat literally dropping off the bone on flavourful rice. This piquant winter comfort food will fill you with warmth from the inside out. Second helpings are so common when preparing this dish, so the bigger your pot of oxtail stew the better.

Make sure you share the warmth with your family and friends by inviting some guests over. This recipe serves eight people. Even if you have some leftovers for the following day, you will discover that it tastes even better the following day. Click here for this hearty recipe.

Beefy ratatouille – Flavour-packed French dish

Beefy ratatouille
Beefy ratatouille: A hearty meal for the family. Image: DNAfit.

Add some luscious Mediterranean veggies to mealtime.  Ratatouille originated in Provence, the Southern part of France. It is traditionally a vegetarian dish made with the nightshade vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini courgette, eggplant, garlic and onions. However, we have beefed up this recipe by adding some succulent beef cubes.

Perfect to keep the cold weather at bay, this recipe will easily become a family favourite. It is also a clever way to ensure your family gets some veggies in their diet. To add a French flair to your home, click here for this recipe.

Prawn Curry – Embrace the spicy warmth of curry

Durban prawn curry
Prawn curry: Comfort food in a bowl. Image: Supplied.

What is winter without the signature flavour of curry wafting through your home? This prawn curry dish is super enticing and packed with aromatic flavours. Just the bowl of comfort food you need to snuggle up with on the couch in front of a roaring fire.

If you love Indian-style food, you have to give this recipe a try. Click here for the full recipe.

Black Bean Chilli – Hello winter, we are ready for you

Black Bean Chilli
Black Bean Chilli: Hearty and satisfying. Image: DNAfit.

Quick, easy and packed with wholesomeness, this black bean chilli recipe is all you need to keep you warm this winter. This recipe is not only pocket friendly, but loaded with vitamins and minerals our bodies need to be healthy and strong. A bonus is that this meal is gluten-free. So, there are so many great reasons to make this Black Bean Chilli recipe a weekly or bi-monthly meal for the family!

Depending on your tolerance level with hot chillies, you can increase the number of chillies or reduce it. Click here not to miss out on this tasty dish.

With our four favourite comfort food recipes you are geared to stay warm and satisfied this winter. Let us know which recipe has made you feel most cosy of all.