Three milk tart recipes

Milk tart: Traditional and delicious. Image: Unsplash.

Three milk tart recipes you should try this year

Fuel your milk tart addiction with these three delicious twists on the old favourite we all love and know.

Three milk tart recipes

Milk tart: Traditional and delicious. Image: Unsplash.

If there is one traditional dessert South Africans never get tired of, it is certainly the humble milk tart. This addiction starts from early childhood when walking into Granny’s kitchen and inhaling the intoxicating cinnamony aroma lingering in the air. Simply delicious and irresistible.

Understanding the obsession with milk tart, we have collated a list of three milk tart recipes you should try this year. Each recipe is special and adds a unique twist to the traditional milk tart we all love.

Milk Tart with Coconut Filling – A twist on an old favourite

Milk Tart with Coconut Filling: A definite crowd-pleaser. Image: Supplied.

This delicious twist on the traditional milk tart recipe simply includes a coconut filling to the mix. It is a creative spin that adds a surprisingly tasty flavour and texture to this delicious dessert. The traditional milk tart is made with a light crust and creamy milk and custard filling, topped with cinnamon, but with the added layer of coconut, you will breathe new life into this recipe.

This Milk Tart with Coconut filling is perfect for dessert after the main meal or as a tea-time bite with your friends. However, it is equally delicious as a midnight snack. You decide how and when you want to enjoy it! Click here for the full recipe.

Milk Tart Mousse – A combo of favourites

Milk Tart Mousse: Can dessert time get more delicious? Image: Supplied.

Are you having guests over and you are considering preparing milk tart for dessert? Why not make the evening extra fancy with this milk tart mousse recipe?

This treat is a texture powerhouse with smooth, creamy milk tart topped with light white chocolate mousse and a crunchy or fruity topping. It’s simply divine.  Not to forget that you will feel like a master chef on a tv food show with these gorgeous looking desserts!

Prep time is quick and easy, giving you time to get ready with the rest of your dinner party plans while it cools in the fridge. This dessert is best served as individual portions in your best glassware. Click here for the full recipe.

Milk Tart Wheels – Dainty and tasty

Milk Tart Wheels
Milk Tart Wheels: The sweet treat you do not want to miss. Image: Supplied.

As the other recipes in our list of three milk tart recipes to try this year, this recipe also uses the same smooth, delicious South African milk tart filling we all love and know but it has a very different look.

Milk Tart Wheels consist of cookie layers filled with velvet smooth, creamy milk tart filling. Topped with melted chocolate dripping over the milk tart wheels and sprinkled with chocolate pieces, these dainty treats are seriously tasty. Oh, and don’t forget to dust these sweet treats generously with cinnamon. Pure addiction!

These milk tart wheels are much easier to prepare than what they look. Simply click here for the full recipe and get ready for some serious enjoyment!

If you have tried any of the recipes on our list of three milk tart recipes to try this year, please let us know! We love to hear from our readers. If you would like to submit your own version of milk tart, please submit your recipe here or enter our recipe competition here.