Perfect iced coffee

Perfect iced coffee. Image by topntp26 on Freepik

Recipe of the Day: Perfect iced coffee [Video]

When summer is still beating down, you need your daily caffeine fix with a refreshing twist. It’s time to make the perfect iced coffee.

Perfect iced coffee

Perfect iced coffee. Image by topntp26 on Freepik

Every morning, we wake up and run for that kettle to make a hot cup of coffee to wake our brains up to get ready for the day. However, it’s so hot this summer that a hot cuppa’ doesn’t do the trick as much as you want. Well, you need the perfect iced coffee that wakes you up but is also refreshing during a warm morning or during the day.

You can use your favourite instant coffee but if you’ve got espresso, it will do the trick nicely. It’s often a bit sweeter than you’re used to but you can adjust that quite easily. Lots of milk and ice make this tasty drink perfect for balmy days. They’re also great to make for a group of friends.

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Perfect iced coffee recipe

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