Hungarian jam tartlets

Hungarian tartlets: Little jam bites. Image: Supplied

Recipe of the Day: Hungarian jam tartlets [Video]

If you’re in the mood for classic tea time desserts, these Hungarian jam tartlets are a popular treat for South Africans too, and easy to make.

Hungarian jam tartlets

Hungarian tartlets: Little jam bites. Image: Supplied

You’ve been to farmer’s markets with great confectioneries or have a grandma who makes some similar desserts, and these Hungarian jam tartlets are often available. Like apple crumble, these little squares are very appetizing with crumbly and buttery crust with a sweet jam filling that makes you smile.

This is a great recipe to pass down to the next generation and a good way to teach somebody how to bake and what you can do with dough. You probably already have all of the ingredients at home too, making this a great impromptu dessert for the weekend. Serve them with a hot cup of tea or coffee, surrounded by great people.

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Hungarian jam tartlets recipe

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