scones recipe

scones recipe. Image credit: AdobeStock

Here is the secret to making the tallest, fluffiest Big Easy Scones

Keep a light hand when you mix the dough for these big easy scones. They take just a few minutes to rise to the occasion!

scones recipe

scones recipe. Image credit: AdobeStock

Scones are a classic that every baker should have in their repertoire, but it is not always easy to get them light and fluffy. The secret is to keep a light hand throughout, and not to overmix the dough. 

Adding buttermilk instead of water also helps to give a softer texture, and a richer flavour.

Another plus to this Big Easy Scones recipe is that you can double it up. This means you can make a large batch of fresh scones for events like a school fete, baby shower or church bake-stall.

Scones are said to date back hundreds of years and have their origin in Scotland. Housewives used to mix together oats, flour and a raising agent before cooking them on a hot griddle.

There are many different kinds of scones in the world of baking today, and this recipe is for a British version.

In case you did not know, a British scone is generally much plainer than an American scone. It is generally so plain that you can eat either with something savoury – cheese and marmite for example – or sweet. Jam and cream are the winners here, but lemon curd is popular, and butter and honey are also a good choice.

Best served hot with butter and jam or cheese, these scones are also a key part of a cream tea. The classic Devon cream tea is an afternoon tea where scones are served with clotted cream and jam.

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