Easter recipes

Easter recipes: Prepare an unforgettable feast. Image: Adobe

Easter recipes: Last-minute ideas to celebrate with the family

Need some more utterly delicious Easter recipes for an unforgettable celebration? Check out our top five recipes.

Easter recipes

Easter recipes: Prepare an unforgettable feast. Image: Adobe

Looking for some last-minute Easter recipes to celebrate with your family? We have selected five mouth-watering recipes that will transform your table into an eye-catching festive spread. Our compilation of recipes includes some quick and easy recipes as well as elaborate dishes which you can whip together for Sunday.

Some of these recipes are perfect for team efforts. So, pull some family members closer to join you for some fun time in the kitchen.

Cape Malay curry fish: A traditional delicacy

Cape Malay Curry Fish
Cape Malay Curry Fish: Bring some delicious traditions to your table. Image: Supplied.

Easter is not Easter without this old traditional favourite making its way to the dining room table. Ready in only one hour, this dish is perfect to quickly whip together if you are in need of last-minute ideas. If you hail from Cape Town, this recipe is most likely intertwined with your Easter memories.

With basic ingredients such as fish, onions, vinegar, curry and turmeric, you can prepare this piquant traditional dish. The addition of turmeric and curry spices give this dish its intense colour and enticing flavour.

Serve with a thick slice of homemade bread with a thick slather of butter. For the full recipe, click here.

Braised shoulder of lamb: An Easter speciality

Braised Lamb Shoulder Recipe
Braised Lamb Shoulder: Pure indulgence. Image: Unsplash

What is Easter without a prime cut of lamb? Lamb shoulder is usually a more cost-effective cut but incredibly delicious. When braised slowly, it is loaded with so much flavour and texture that you will be licking your plate afterwards. During the cooking process, the fat and connective tissue in the shoulder dissolve, resulting in an appetising dish that will melt in your mouth.

This Easter special is best served as part of a Sunday roast with crispy green veggies on the side. Click here for the full recipe.

Hot cross buns: A must-have every Easter

hot cross buns
Hot cross buns: Make Easter unforgettable. Image: Adobe

Easter is almost synonymous with sweet and sticky hot cross buns. If you want to embark on a baking adventure, this is the perfect Easter recipe to try out. Not only will you enjoy these treats warm from the oven but your kitchen will be filled with the comforting scent of baked bread.

The ingredients listed in this recipe are enough for eight hot cross buns, but your family will definitely request more, so just prepare a double batch and you will be covered.

To get an extra shiny glaze, brush the cooked, cooled bun with light sugar syrup instead of a milk glaze. The glistening glaze will make the buns even more appetising. Click here for this ultimate Easter recipe.

Chocolate truffles: Luxurius treats on a special day

Chocolate truffles
Chocolate truffles: Each bite is an experience. Image: Carla Zinkfontein

Add some sweet indulgence with these decadent chocolate truffles to your Easter weekend spread by decorating your Easter table with these delightful chocolate truffles. Don’t be surprised if these chocolate bites disappear faster than anything else on your table.

When preparing these chocolate treats, use high-quality dark chocolate for some extra indulgence. The higher the cocoa percentage the better. If you are a fan of nuts, add some crushed nuts to the truffles. Sprinkle the truffles immediately with nuts after adding the final chocolate layer on the outside. That way the crushed nuts will stick very well to the truffles. Click here for the full recipe.

No-bake Easter cookies: For joyful kiddie smiles everywhere

No-bake Easter cookies
No-bake Easter cookies: A sweet treat for the kids. Image: Marele van Zyl

Prepare some colourful Easter cookies and have smiles all over when the kids try out these cute bites. These no-bake sweet treats resemble a little bird’s nest with colourful Easter eggs inside. Just the type of cookie a little one will love.

Made of oats, corn flakes, mini eggs and peanut butter, these sweet treats are quick and easy to prepare. Click here for the full recipe and spread some Easter joy!

With these five recipes up your sleeve, you can make Easter an unforgettable experience. Share with us your favourite Easter recipes.