wine pairing

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Post-lockdown activities: The art of food and wine pairing

Is there anything more blissful than achieving the perfect balance of your favorite alcoholic beverage with an amazing meal?

wine pairing

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Although gathering with friends over good food and wine is prohibited at the moment, there is nothing better than getting together and sharing an appreciation of food that pairs perfectly with wine.

If you don’t do pair your wine with your food correctly, you may actually end up spoiling out your entire dining experience. But if you are able to do it right, then voila — you are guaranteed a wonderful gastronomic experience.

While wine has been the favourite drink amongst many food lovers, people all over the globe are increasingly switching to other alcoholic drinks such as beer and whisky to pair with food.

Let us help you discover the most suitable pairings of food and alcohol that will result in a sumptuous dining experience.

The best food and wine pairings

1. Champagne and oysters

Oysters have a distinguished and unique salty flavour which we like to refer to as the “minerality”, whereas champagne has a light, subtle and sweet flavour. When they are combined, they offer an amazing combination that perfectly balances the sweet and salty flavours. Keep in mind that generally, seafood also goes well when paired with white wines or sparkling wines such as JC Leroux.

2. Light wines with desserts

Desserts are sweet on their own and because of this, you should choose a wine which does not have an overly sweet flavour. Cabernet Sauvignon for example, thanks to its bold fruit flavours, can make a great pairing when combined with sweet and rich desserts such as a black forest cake.

3. Red wine and red meat

If you consider yourself a food lover, you may already know about this combination. Red wine such as merlot renders a strong and a bold aroma and goes well along with foods with a robust flavour. Beef dishes and roast lamb (or even ham) are some that would taste best when paired with red wine. Also, if you also happen to be a chocolate lover, you should also consider hosting chocolate and red wine pairing parties. Both red and white wines are perfect when combined with chocolate.

4. Shiraz-based wines with spicy food

If you’re on the hunt for alcoholic beverages that would go well with flavourful and spicy dishes such as Indian curry, go for those which have a Shiraz blend or a Shiraz on its own.

5. Beer and food pairing

Many people choose to enjoy their meals with beer on the regular because it goes with almost everything. But you may not know that beer is a great choice when paired with contrasting food combinations too. You can gulp a glass of strong beer with sweet desserts like a cheesecake pot, and it will enhance the flavours of your sweet treat. Contrary to this, you can also pair a snack such as spicy chicken wings with beer, to elevate the flavours of each.

6. Earthy wine with earthy foods

One of the most enchanting pairing combinations is the one wherein the food and the wine mirror one another. The factor of earthiness is usually found in the red wines like pinot noir, making them a great fit to go with the earthy ingredients like bison steaks or wild mushrooms.

7. Cocktails with food

Cocktails such as the margarita smash are the best to serve your guests during a dinner party along with some complementary finger foods to nosh on. We should ensure that the ingredients in the food that are chosen will complement the taste of the mixers.

Now, that you know some great tips on how to pair food and alcohol, discover some mouthwatering combinations of your favourite food and alcohol, and get ready to host the most amazing dinner party when lockdown ends.

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