Raging Bull Meats opens new re
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Raging Bull Meats opens new retail store in north London

Raging Bull Meats, who won in the category of Best Flavoured Biltong at the Biltong Awards last year, have been producing South African style meats for over 4 years. Up until now they have been supplying online customers and a number of restaurants and deli’s throughout the UK, but they’re just about to open a retail shop in North London.

Five sensual South African Pin
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Five sensual South African Pinot Noirs

OVER THE BARREL | Pinot Noir originates from Burgundy & Champagne in France. In South Africa it is a light to medium bodied red wine depending on the degree of wood maturation. It’s more of a “feminine” red wine as opposed to the more “masculine” Cabernet Sauvignon.