La Petite Colombe takes top ho

Image: lapetitecolombe/Instagram

La Petite Colombe takes top honours at Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week XXL Edition announced the top-performing restaurants in SA, with La Petite Colombe in Franschhoek receiving the top honours.

La Petite Colombe takes top ho

Image: lapetitecolombe/Instagram

La Petite Colombe in Franschhoek has done it again after it was named the Best Restaurant at this year’s Restaurant Week XXL Edition.

The best restaurant and world-class dining

The restaurant previous won Trip Advisor Travellers Choice award after being named one of Eat Out’s Top 10 restaurant. The restaurant is lead by the talented and young Cape Town chef, John Norris-Rogers, who was appointed as Head Chef in August 2017.

“I love the fact that the industry is constantly evolving – especially at a fine dining level,” he said on the restaurant’s official website. “There is always a chef somewhere in the world doing something unique and special at any given time. This keeps everyone on their toes and keeps everyone pushing the boundaries and making new discoveries in the cooking world. It’s incredibly exciting! The world of food is so dynamic. I hope to never lose sight of how important and refreshing it is to keep discovering new foods, trends, flavours, cultures, techniques, and thereby inspiring creativity!”

According to BizCommunity, La Petite Colombe won the award because of their exceptionally high scores during Restaurant Week for their cuisine: 10, service: 10 and ambience: 9.8, resulting in an overall average of 9.9.

In the past, dining at La Petite Colombe has been described as “doing the tango with a stranger”.

Food writer Nidha Narrandes wrote on Cape Town Etc that: “You enter the dance floor uncertain of what to expect, and when the music stops at the end, you are left breathless and speechless. And when words are not enough, only a hearty applause will do. I am clapping loudly right now…”

May be an image of text that says 'RESTAURANT WEEK SOUTH AFRICA 2021XXL 1APRIL- 2MAY Highest overall score: 9.9 BEST RESTAURANT AWARD WINNER: From the press release: LA PETITE COLOMBE "We are delighted to award La Petite Colombe in Franschhoek with the Best Restaurant Award April 2021. They received exceptionally high scores for cuisine: 10, service: 10 and ambience: 8 resulting beautitul average of 9" Congratulations!'
Image: Restaurant Week/Facebook

The 2021 Restaurant Week XXL Edition saw over 15 000 guests making their way to the 100 participating restaurants in South Africa, who all designed a special menu and served this to Restaurant Week guests exclusively, afterwards, every guest was invited to review the restaurant.

The Regional Best of the XXL Edition

The reviews also revealed that the top-performing restaurants per region:

Best of Cape Town:
FYN Restaurant: 9.8 (cuisine: 9.9, service: 9.9, ambience: 9.7)

Best of Johannesburg:

Basalt: 9.8 (cuisine: 9.8, service: 9.9, ambience: 9.7)

Best of Pretoria:

Prosopa: 9.7 (cuisine: 9.7, service: 9.6, ambience: 9.8)

Best of the Winelands:

Epice: 9.9 (cuisine: 10, service: 9.9, ambience: 9.8)

Best of Durban:

The Chefs’ Table: 9.8 (cuisine: 9.9, service: 10, ambience: 9.5)