Hellmann’s says you should add a little may to your coffee. Images via Twitter: @Hellmann’s

Crime against coffee? Hellmann’s insists mayonnaise was made for coffee!

Hellmann’s left a number of tweeps feeling queasy after suggesting they add mayo to their coffee. Are you willing to give the combo a try?


Hellmann’s says you should add a little may to your coffee. Images via Twitter: @Hellmann’s

Condiment giant Hellmann’s recently upset a number of Twitter users who could not believe that the food company was endorsing the use of its mayonnaise for coffee – and nope you did not read wrong. Taking to Twitter, Hellmann’s wrote that adding some of their famous mayo to a cup of coffee but tweeps were just not having it.

Hellmann’s catches smoke over mayo in coffee tweets

There are many weird and wonderful food combos going around in the world that people either love or can’t even imagine trying.

Over the years the internet reveals that some people will eat just about anything but many seemingly draw the line at mixing their morning cuppa joe with creamy mayonnaise.

The conversation started when Hellmann’s a food company famous for its creamy mayonnaise, spreads and salad dressings shared that their mayo actually compliments a cup of coffee perfectly.

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“Mayo in your coffee. That’s it, that’s the tweet. Nope, that wasn’t a typo. Mayo in your coffee. It’s called having a sophisticated pallet,” they tweeted.

Not stopping there, they also wrote:

“The benefits of putting mayo in your coffee include: mayo in your coffee and coffee in your mayo.”

Tweeps can’t decide whether it’s a joke or not

The tweets were not well received by coffee lovers who resorted to sharing just how much they won’t be trying the concoction. Singer Dionne Warwick was so bothered that she even resorted to blocking Hellmann’s for promoting what many have called madness.

@Instacart said:

“These might be two of our favorite grocery items, but mixed together…not so much.”

@LadyUltrasuede said:

“No, why would you create this chaos today? Mayo in my coffee or coffee in my mayo means it goes in the trash.”

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