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Burger King introduces plant-based menu in SA, gets raving reviews!

Burger King SA just launched a plant-based menu and judging by the online reviews, it’s not bad at all. The menu is part of efforts to ‘inspire more plant-based interest in South Africa.’

Burger King

Image via Burger King

Times are changing and so are the menus from our favourite restaurants. Burger King is the latest fast-food joint to go green by introducing an all-new plant-based menu. Some of the things green eaters can now look forward to are a plant-based Whopper Burger, a vegan chicken sandwich, and vegan nuggets.

Burger King is moving with the times, welcomes a plant-based menu under its wing

Burger King is known for serving big and delicious meaty burgers such as the famous Tripple Whopper and the Extra Long Chilli Cheese. No longer will meat lovers be the only customers in the store though as they just introduced a plant-based menu.

Veg lovers can now bite down on a plant-based Whopper Burger and some veggie nuggets. Other vegan options on the menu include the Vegan Royale which is the plant-based version of the chicken sandwich.

Burger King SA CEO Juan Klopper says that the plant-based menu is part of the restaurant’s efforts to inspire more plant-based interest in South Africa. They also want to be at the forefront of fast-food restaurants that are making efforts to serve plant-based alternatives in the quick-service restaurant space.

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“The V-Label symbol is going to increase awareness of veganism, and make it easier for consumers to identify vegan options and trust that they are truly vegan,” he said.

What do the prices look like?

According to a Timeslive article, skipping meat and going green is going to cost you a little more.

For the Beef Whooper one would pay R47.90 while the plant-based Whopper costs R51.90. The original chicken sandwich goes for R44.90 while the Vegan Royale costs R47.90.

Meanwhile internet users who have tried the vegan menu have this to say:

@captainfriendz1 said:

“Plant-based whopper is lusshhhhh”

@gn2ale said:

“I can stop having burger king plant-based whoppers…”

@TheRealAlima said:

“I’ve tried many plant-based burgers from many fast food places. The one from Burger King is the best followed by Smash Burger”

While the reviews are mostly great, there were some complaints from vegans who don’t like the fact that the plant-based options are cooked on the same broiler as Burger King’s original Whopper to deliver the same unique flame-grilled taste.

Also, despite having no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, the patty’s are not certified by the Vegan Society.

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