Momentum has shared tips on how to save money when food and grocery shopping.
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Savvy shopping: How to save money on your grocery food haul

Many South Africans are struggling to put food on the table – literally. Here’s how you can save money on your monthly grocery shopping…


Momentum has shared tips on how to save money when food and grocery shopping.
Image via Pixabay

Hot on the heels of petrol price hikes in South Africa, is the staggering amounts of money consumers have to pay for rising food prices.

According to Momentum, the cost of food poses the highest risk to consumers in the country.

But the financial service firm has shared several tips to soften the pinch on your purse-strings when it comes to grocery shopping.

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According to information from Momentum’s latest quarterly Consumer Financial Vulnerability Index, South Africans are struggling to put food on the table – literally.

The second quarter of the index showed a drastic change in consumer financial behaviour. With petrol price increases, loadshedding, unemployment, and debt, many are struggling to purchase their monthly groceries.

The report read: “In Q2 2022, consumers made less ‘feel good’ and impulsive purchases compared to Q1 2022, whilst taking more time to acquaint themselves with information before making financial decisions. Impulsive purchases also declined from 59.6% to 46.9%”.

The report also indicated that “financial vulnerability” is likely to continue as a result of the current financial climate.

It continued: “High levels of consumer financial vulnerability in the short- to medium-term will in all likelihood persist, given an increasing number of structural imbalances, downside risks, political and social instabilities, increasing poverty and inequality, as well as governance and government administration deficiencies.

“This will negatively impact the economy, employment and household incomes, which will filter through to adversely affect all aspects of consumer finances.”


With rising food costs, Momentum has shared its best tips on how to budget and save money when going to the grocery store.

  • Create a shopping list – and stick to it! Also, set a time limit in the store to ensure you purchase what is absolutely essential.
  • Compare prices: Before you physically visit stores, shop around via pamphlets, websites and apps for the best prices on food and other necessities.
  • Use a basket instead of a trolley. This will limit your space and force you to purchase the foodstuffs you require.
  • Compare quantity prices: Is it cheaper to buy in bulk or should you limit yourself to single units?
  • Keep your calculator on hand to stick to your budget. Nobody likes a nasty surprise at the tills, therefore make sure you are prepared when it comes to payment.
  • Buy in-season veggies – or plant your own! Buying food items in season is obviously cheaper. Better yet, growing your own will save you a small fortune!
  • Utilise loyalty and rewards programmes. Retailers often offer “cash-back” or combo deals that will help you save money.
  • Educate yourself on bank reward programmes. Most banks offer rewards points/rewards when performing transactions at certain retail points.