South Africa food prices

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Food prices decrease in SA: Here’s what items have become cheaper

It’s about time we caught a break. Several popular items have become cheaper during lockdown, as food prices declined in the last month.

South Africa food prices

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Good news for citizens of Mzansi. Doing the grocery shop may be a little kinder to your bank balance, after the food prices fell substantially in April. Stats SA released their figures just a few days ago, highlighted how filling up your basket has become cheaper during lockdown.

What items are cheaper, and more expensive, during lockdown?

Food prices, at the start of this month, decreased by 0.5%. However, things like household cleaning products and personal toiletries experienced a sharp rise. Washing-up liquid endured the highest spike in value, whereas bath soap saw the largest drop in its shelf prices. We’ve got the round-up here:

“Food prices decreased by 0.5% over the month and by 0.7% from the previous week. Elsewhere, there was an average price increase of 1.1% in household maintenance product groups (mainly detergents) during April. Dishwashing liquid (5.4%) and toilet cleaner (4.1%) prices showed significant upward movement.”

“Over-the-counter health products were little changed over April, increasing by 0.1%, while recreation products were unchanged. Personal toiletry prices declined by 2.5% on average over the month. Shampoo (‑4.8%), bath soap (‑7.8%) and toothpaste (‑5.3%) all showed monthly price decreases.”

Stats SA

Food prices: Items that have increased in cost

  • Dairy products – including milk, eggs and cheese – are in a league of their own, increasing by 2.8% last month.
  • Oils and fats also saw their prices rise, but by the smaller margin of 1.2%.
  • The cost of hot beverages and their associated products have gone up by 0.6%.

Food prices: Items that have decreased in cost

  • Get a load of the fruit and veg price changes, though: The former has dropped by 3.2%, with the latter down 4.6%
  • Great news for those who have a sweet tooth. Desserts and sugary treats are now 1.9% cheaper.
  • Fizzy drinks and other cold beverages have had 0.8% shaved off their prices, too.
  • Meat has dropped in price by 1%, closely followed by fish and a 0.9% decrease.
  • Bread and cereals are now 0.5% cheaper.

You can see the full list of food price changes here: