A US tourist has praised South Africans for their ‘flight etiquette’.
Image by Pixabay

‘Home affairs trained us’: Tourist praises SA flight etiquette [watch]

A female tourist has praised South African passengers on board a local flight, after they exercised patience and restraint when disembarking.


A US tourist has praised South Africans for their ‘flight etiquette’.
Image by Pixabay

It’s safe to say that South Africans are used to waiting in long queues…from traffic to the shops to government offices like the Post Office and Home Affairs and everything in between. But one US tourist was amazed at the vast amount of patience South Africans possess whilst on board a local flight.

In a video that has gone viral on TikTok, an American woman praised the people of Mzansi for their “flight etiquette”.

This, whilst onboard a FlySafair flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg.


In the video, the woman – named Holly Clark – revealed her astonishment over her flight experience.

She says: “If you’re American, you’re not going to believe this flight. I’m on a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg and we landed like four minutes ago. No one has jumped out their seat, grabbed their bag set in the aisle, pushing each other basically”.

The woman went on to praise the dignified manner passengers disembarked the plane.

She continued: “There’s nobody who is impatiently waiting. There’s no one who doesn’t follow the rules. There’s no ‘ Karens’ involved”.

The female tourist added that South African passengers were “kind, and go by the rules” and “wait patiently”. She adds: “I’m not even sure we could do that.”

The woman added in the comments: “Apparently this is called ‘Paraat’ [Afrikaans word translated as “being prepared/ready”]”.

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The viral video onboard the local flight has raked up almost 150 000 likes and more than 4000 comments – mostly from South Africans, who explained the source of their patience.

INCASEYOUMISSEDIT123: “The home affairs line taught us patience mam”

BadKarma: “As South Africans… we’ve always had patience. Shoprite queues around SASSA time have humbled us”

Q21234: “We learned patience from Eskom”

Shivani Reddy: “Sister with a government like ours, we’re used to waiting!”

Tishn3: It’s because we have enough problems. We can’t be each other’s problems”

Uncle Fif: “I guess it’s all the lions we live with that make us so smart”

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