Five types of machines for Sou


Five types of machines for South African coffee

While we usually aren’t up to date with the cutting edge of modern technology, we do have our fair share of coffee connoisseurs.

Five types of machines for Sou


For many South Africans, a basic tin of Ricoffy simply doesn’t suffice. We demand quality, variety, and a world-class coffee-making experience.

Coffee machine manufacturers around the world have noticed, which is why we now have more than enough options to choose from. Of course, these machines usually come at a pretty hefty premium, and with fuel nearing the 20 Rand mark, this is no time to splurge.

Luckily, there are at least five great options for you to choose from under R10 000, allowing you to allocate more funds to those capsules that you’ll undoubtedly be going through faster than your petrol card.

DeLonghi Magnifica Pronto

This machine is just as luxurious as it’s somewhat impressive name would suggest. It’s pretty close to the R10k mark, but you get your money’s worth here. A storage unit up front allows you to keep your milk in overnight without it going sour. With only a little basic coffee brewing skill, you will get the coffee in one minute.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

You’ll likely recognize this machine from the countless George Clooney-laden Dstv ads. For only half our budget, you get a clean, uniquely designed machine that’s best at serving light, frothy and summery selections of coffee from its modern dispenser.

This is one of many Nespresso models available to the South African market. If you’ve opted for their selection of machines, you’ll be spoiled by the countless different capsule flavours on offer, along with an impressive lineup of additional accessories.

DeLonghi Icona Pump Espresso

If you want something a little more basic for your ground coffee, DeLonghi’s lower end offering is a solid way to go. For a fraction of their standard asking price, you still get a solid, arguably luxurious design and a reliable dispenser. The built-in cup warmer will save your coffee on those extra busy mornings.

Melitta 1400W E950

For something a little different, this machine has two dispensers that will fill up your small espresso or cappuccino cups quickly and easily. The somewhat utilitarian interface is to be expected for the R5k asking price, but the otherwise solid build and decent functionality makes up for it pretty well.

Jura A1

Considered by many as the coffee purist’s dream, the Jura A1 features everything you want from a luxury coffee machine, and then some. For around R9000, you get a piano black box of goodness with an extremely clean design. Hidden beneath the surface lies a plethora of impressive technology that ensures the perfect cup every time.


You could easily go a little further in both directions. Higher end machines will offer unmatched luxury, features, and durability, but they’re far from necessary for the average coffee drinker. That said, the above options will provide a superior experience to any basic mechanical grinder, so they’re definitely worth a try.