nipsey hussle

Nipsey Hussle suffered six fatal gunshot wounds outside of his Marathon Clothing Company store in LA / (Photo: Instagram / @NipseyHussle)

Five things we’ve learned about Nipsey Hussle before his death

Gone too soon, RIP Nipsey.

nipsey hussle

Nipsey Hussle suffered six fatal gunshot wounds outside of his Marathon Clothing Company store in LA / (Photo: Instagram / @NipseyHussle)

If anything, Ermias Davidson Asghedon, known popularly by the global entertainment community as Nipsey Hussle, will be remembered for his wisdom.

What happened to Nipsey Hussle?

The US rapper was gunned down by an unknown suspect outside his clothing store, the Marathon Clothing Company, in Crenshaw, Los Angeles, on Sunday afternoon.

Two others suffered gunshot wounds and they including Nipsey were rushed to a nearby hospital, where the rapper was pronounced dead, at the age of 33.

He leaves behind his partner, Lauren London, and three kids. However, even more impactful, is the wisdom he has imparted on the Hip-Hop culture, coming from a violent and poor past to making it in the mainstream music business.

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Five things we learned about Nipsey

The rapper, in March, sat down for an interview with Highsnobiety to discuss his victory lap beyond his magnum opus — of the same title. These are five points he made that. looking back, gave us a better idea of who he really was.

Death being the hardest part of the game

The rapper, when he was asked to reflect on one of his favourite verses, went to his vault and pulled out something from his earlier works.

The part of the song Save the World, Nipsey said he held dear to his heart, in a foreshadowing way, spoke about being emotional in the midst of whatever it is one was going through — like death.

“Don’t cry tears, they don’t fly here. And if you don’t die here, you supposed to fly here. 365 here is like a dog year. No wonder why these n*ggas 20 and got white hairs. Stressin’ like they 40 and some change. It’s lonely in this game, all my homies are in pain.”

Nipsey Hussle, Save the World

These lyrics, he said, were dear to his heart because it spoke of his reality.

“It’s pre-destined for some of us to just die or go to jail. If you somehow wiggle out of that, then there is no limit to your opportunity,” he said.

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Nipsey’s thoughts on life before and after fame

The US rapper chillingly referenced lyrics on his song Crenshaw and Slauson, named after the address where his body was later found on Sunday, to answer the question of why he has remained humble and likeable after a life of gangsterism.

“Was a charismatic n*gga, I don’t play as much. ‘Cos life is real when you live it in a place like us.”

Nipsey Hussle, Crenshaw and Slauson

Nipsey told the publication that as an adult in business, it was easier to be his natural self: a kind-hearted happy-go-lucky child who always wore a smile on his face.

It was, however, difficult to do so before the fame, when he was still a member of the Rollin 60s Crips gang.

Being nice and friendly meant you were vulnerable so he was forced to maintain a cold aura to fend off the danger that would later threaten him.

“I love people and I love life, but in the environment of gang culture, anybody could drive through your neighbourhood, jump out and kill you.

“That’s real life, that’s what goes on. People that you knew all your life will rob you and if you resist they will kill you,” he added.


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On the creative process: Nipsey was too hard on himself

He did not come off as the type of person that was too critical of his creative work but believe it or not, the US rapper admitted it himself that it took a lot to get the final product done.

“It takes a level of faith, you must really believe in what it is you are saying. It’s deeper than just being aggressive; you can be forceful with your creativity, but after you make enough songs and create enough art you will realize that art is a result of inspiration,” he said.

“Learn to respect the art” – Nipsey

Nipsey has always been aware of his position in the music business and the level of influence he’s had on his fanbase.

His brand has survived for more than ten years without an album for a reason.

“In my experience, it’s so real, you really can fall from grace because of one wrong song or one bad intention, for instance being arrogant or thinking that you got it and you mastered it. The process is learning to respect the art,” he said.

His children are his legacy

Nipsey’s three children are his everything. His daughter was included in the album launch event of his debut album Victory Lap, that was released in 2018. She, according to the rapper, was born a star. Her father left her with enough wisdom to be able to carry the baton and take the Hussle to new heights.

” I try to expose her to dope vocalists and let her hear great singers. My son is really little, he’s 18 months old, but he already loves music too. He dances in time to my songs!” he said.

He made it out of his past life, had an amazing life and family, but somehow, his demons caught up with him and he is no longer with us. Rest in eternal peace, Nipsey.