online learning

Why choose online learning for your child? Image: Supplied

Why choose online learning for your child?

Perhaps you’ve been wondering whether online learning is a good fit for you and your child? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

online learning

Why choose online learning for your child? Image: Supplied

The challenge behind education — and the beauty of school — is that every learner is unique. Accordingly, classes need to be fun and stimulating for everyone. As children learn to work and socialise online, it’s never been more important to provide them with the structure and tools that they need to thrive. Since the dawn of education, the biggest limitation to schools is that they’ve had to exist within the confines of brick and mortar — not anymore! 

For the first time in history, learners from all over the country can connect and share ideas at the click of a button.

Here are five reasons why doing things the UCT Online High School way makes a whole lot of sense:  

Five reasons to choose online learning

1. They put your child first, with dedicated one-on-one support when they need it most

Academics is about so much more than just content. Support is a massive part of the journey. Their multi-layered support system — every learner has their very own Support Coach — gives their learners all the encouragement, tools and support they need to master their own destiny.

2. Pacing is personalised 

No two learners are the same. This is why they encourage a personalised pace, balanced by a structured learning schedule that is tailor-made for you, to help you target specific test and exam blocks.

3. They’ve got the gaps covered no more misunderstood concepts

At UCT Online High School, learners can’t progress to the next module without mastering the one that came before it. This is called mastery-based progression, and it ensures that learners don’t progress with gaps in their learning (which is imperative for success in subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths). Where gaps start to form, their Teachers jump in and assist so that no learner gets left behind.

4. Data and analytics every step of the way

In a traditional classroom, there is a front row and a back row — it’s easy to get lost in the middle. At UCT Online High School, data allows Teachers and Support Coaches to get a comprehensive picture of how each learner is doing. They use data dashboards to see which learners are falling behind, enabling the learner’s Support Coach to step in and provide guidance through small groups or 1:1 Ask Me Anything sessions. 

5. Their school was built on purpose 

Many COVID-era online schools have been retrofitted to “go online” as a temporary fix to meet the needs of the recent pandemic. Partnering with an online education technology provider — Valenture Institute — UCT Online High School’s expert team of Learning Designers, Learning Technologists and Data Analysts have worked with the best teachers in the country to design engaging learning paths that are purpose-built for online learning. 

As you can see, UCT Online High School completely redefines what it means to “go” to school by putting your child front and centre, right where they should be. They know that success in life is based on more than just access to great opportunities, it requires continuous encouragement and support too. Together with you, they’ll provide your child with all the tools that they need to succeed in high school, university, and life. 

Join them for only R2,095 per month. 

Enrolments for 2023 are now open. Set your child up for success here

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