What to wear in 2021: A defini

Photo: Instagram/Sarah Langa/Lily Collins

What to wear in 2021: A definitive guide to this year’s celebrity style

Take a look at a few fashion trends set by celebs both local and international worth looking into, and making your own.

What to wear in 2021: A defini

Photo: Instagram/Sarah Langa/Lily Collins

While we’re only in mid-February, the fashion forecast certainly does look promising given a positively adjusted global attitude as far as pandemic style is concerned. Also, there are a few celebrities who are schooling us in trend-setting this year.

Celebrity Style 2021

And on that note, here’s a definitive guide to this year’s celebrity style as told to you by Donna Miszewski, planning manager at RunwaySale.

Queens in a peasant blouse… we’re looking at you Sarah Langa

If you were about to add your peasant blouse to the donation pile, please don’t.  Sarah Langa showed us how it’s done in 2021 – she paired hers this year on her Instagram page with a pair of trendy waist cinching leather pants for an ultra-feminine look.  This trend would also work really well when paired with a pair of dark jeans and stiletto boots.

Wide leg trousers and heels as worn by Kate Middleton

Earlier this month, Kate Middleton and Prince William ditched the charity Zoom call in favour of a socially-distanced and masked train tour to support people and programmes which have helped with COVID-19 relief efforts. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge travelled to Scotland and Wales by train themselves and, ones never to disappoint, served up some style whilst doing good for the communities.

The wide leg trousers Kate donned on one of the tour days which she timelessly set off with a sleek coat and pair of heels left many breathless in fashion circles.  Apart from the frame-elongating ensemble affording her a very polished look, wide leg trousers seem to be doing the fashion rounds presently given its elegant flair and… ability to conceal any rolls acquired during lockdown which makes it a win for me all round.

Photo: WhoWhatWear.com

Bossing it up in a sleek puffer jacket like the cute Mihlali Ndamase

These never go out of style.  This year, you could team yours up with leggings, jeans or if you’re feeling brave, even a pair of tailored pants.  Mihlali showed us how it’s done when she paired hers with swagger-worthy cargo pants and sneakers on her Insta page – which proves that you can inject some colour into the trend as well.  

Black biker shorts ala Lily Collins

Just as everyone started packing away their biker shorts and loungewear in anticipation for a stylish 2021, Lily Collins made us do a double-take when she paired her black biker shorts with a beautiful neutral coloured blouse and black heels.  Last year saw this trend taking on a more laid-back look.  Making this look work in 2021 means levelling up… and in sky high heels no less.

Despite the present situation SA finds itself in, we are hopeful that fashion and the fun of dressing up lift South Africa’s mood and inspires her people to never give up hope.