Vera Wang

Vera Wang Haute Wedding 2023 Collection. Image: Twitter @ VeraWang

Iconic wedding dress designer Vera Wang shares top tips

Very Wang is the undisputed queen of wedding dress designs. Take a look at her tips to ensure you get your dream dress for your special day!

Vera Wang

Vera Wang Haute Wedding 2023 Collection. Image: Twitter @ VeraWang

Vera Wang is one of the top names that comes to mind when someone talks about a wedding dress, for 30 years she has designed celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, and has masterfully managed to reinvent her designs throughout the years

Inspired by Hailey Bieber’s bridal trainers, BAZAAR reports that Wang is back with a second collection with Pronovias which according to the designer embraces freedom.

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“I was actually very influenced by the way Hailey Bieber wore my dress with trainers for her after party – I loved how she did that. For years, I’ve seen brides want to take their shoes off at that point in the night, they just want to have fun, be free celebrate, and that is the attitude I have tried to emulate in my recent collection and campaign,” said Wang.


Moving away from the once fixed wedding structure, the new collection features align with that red-carpet glamour. The collections scream skin and fun, it embodies what young people are feeling at the moment, which is something Wang wanted to depict, and energy she says did not exists when she started out.

The Pronovias gowns are much cheaper than the main collection, Wang assures that does not make the collection a lesser line in fact it is special in terms of design, thought and influence.


With three decades of experience Wang offers the following tips for choosing the perfect gown

  1. Embrace your individuality and shy away from expectations of what you think its correct to wear
  2. Visit bridal stores and try things on as you might be surprised to learn that what you had in mind is not actually what you wanted.
  3. Be current with your look, because current makes a look timeless
  4. Choose something that makes you feel comfortable and reflects who you are – BAZAAR