Black Coffee

Black Coffee appeared on ‘Podcast and Chill’ and left fans talking about his fashion sense. Image via Instagram @realblackcoffee

‘Rich fashion’: Tweeps drag Black Coffee’s look on ‘Podcast & Chill’

Black Coffee’s fashion sense was ridiculed by online users after coming across a picture of him on the ‘Podcast and Chill’ set.

Black Coffee

Black Coffee appeared on ‘Podcast and Chill’ and left fans talking about his fashion sense. Image via Instagram @realblackcoffee

Solomzi “Sol Phendukaa” Thandabantu shared a picture of Black Coffee posing with him at the Podcast and Chill set on Wednesday, 8 February, but after a popular Twitter user, @ChrisExcel came across the post, she wondered what the Drive hitmaker was wearing and the question made for other online users to vocalise their concerns about the successful DJ’s fashion sense.


In a post meant to be about the Podcast and Chill host Sol Phendukaa’s height, it quickly became more about what Black Coffee wore on the podcast show.

After a highly anticipated wait to see Black Coffee interviewed on Podcast and Chill to discuss the drama between him and his estranged wife, Enhle Mbali Mlothswa, amongst other topics, trolls wasted no time nitpicking all they could to talk about Black Coffee online.

According to IOL, Phendukaa enthusiastically shared how grateful he was to have been part of the interview with Black Coffee.

However, not everyone shared Phenduka’s enthusiasm. After posting a picture of himself with the DJ on set, he captioned it,

“One of my best days ever!!!!! After the birth of my daughter and my future wedding.

“Yes, I’m shorter than Black Coffee but taller than Mark Williams, who isn’t short ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I’m so happy.”

While Phenduka’s post came from a good place, a popular Twitter user decided to troll Black Coffee instead.

@ChrisExcel102 wrote,

“What kind of fashion is that?”

Her comment incited trolls to do what they do best; they dragged the Superman hitmaker in the post’s comment section.

One of the online users shared the value of the shoe the successful DJ had worn in an attempt to stop the commotion. However, the trolls were still not impressed and continued to drag Black Coffee online.

Black Coffee
Black Coffee lived up to his promise and was on set of the ‘Podcast and Chill’ show, unfortunately ended up being dragged for his fashion style. Image via Instagram @realblackcoffee


“Rich fashion mshana,” @BLAIQUEBOY said.

“Eish, le nna ke concerned 😟,” ole_babe reacted.

“Faschion yamaMillionaire,” @KamanaYonga commented.

“Money fashion,” @LDaviano replied.

“Hey!!! I wonder,” @tiromanro wrote.

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