Trevor Noah

The Daily Show host showed off his cornrow hairstyle during a trip to Mzansi.
Images via Twitter
@sizwedlomo/ YouTube screenshot

‘Drizzy mode’: Trevor Noah shows off new hairdo [photo]

Taking notes from Drake? Comedian Trevor Noah was spotted in South Africa, showing off a cute, new hairstyle…

Trevor Noah

The Daily Show host showed off his cornrow hairstyle during a trip to Mzansi.
Images via Twitter
@sizwedlomo/ YouTube screenshot

Weeks before he is due to bid The Daily Show a final farewell, Trevor Noah made a quick stop back home in South Africa, where he spent some time with his closest friends.

The South African comedian was spotted enjoying some downtime with his pals, whilst catching up on a soccer match.

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In pics posted on Instagram, Trevor Noah was seen enjoying the company of his friends, whilst watching a Fifa World Cup match.

The Daily Show host was surrounded by his close pals Sizwe Dhlomo, Anele Mdoda, Khaya Dlanga, and Xolisa Dyeshana, whom he has been friends with for many years. Also enjoying Trevor’s company was Anele’s son Alakhe.

Despite having a $100 million net worth, the Soweto-born star was dressed casually in a grey T-shirt, black slacks, and a pair of white sneakers.

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Apart from his attire, the famous Mzansi export looked a little different – in place of his now trademark Afro hairstyle were neatly-braided cornrows.

In a segment of The Daily Show earlier this year, Trevor Noah revealed why he grew an Afro, particularly during the Covid-19 lockdown.

He said: “You have a choice as a person. You go ‘I cut my own hair’ or ‘I want to keep my self-esteem’. I’m loyal to my barber”.

But after the world began to open up again, he decided not to go back to his signature short cut. Instead, he has learned to “appreciate” his afro.

He added: “My head is never hot or cold anymore”.

Of another afro advantage, Trevor Noah revealed his hair actually saved the day when he decided to move his TV and it slipped and fell. He continued: “It just sat on my head. It didn’t crack, it didn’t break, it didn’t dent”.


Whilst South Africans were pleasantly surprised to see Trevor Noah back home, his new look garnered mixed reactions.

Here’s what social media users had to say: 

Musadikane: Next time anyone is roasted it should be Trevor for those cornrows. He looks like he’s gonna start singing: ‘21, can you do somethin’ for me’”

Mgnkosi81: “Trev makes the pic look like it was taken in the 90’s”

Taniahaskins: “Hello Trevor I dig the braids!”

Kabelosebigi: “Trevor on Drizzy mode”

Nokulem: “But Trevor, WHY?”

Brabiza465: “Conrow Trev is Back”