Tammy Taylor Happy Simelane Money

The Tammy Taylor SA feud continues with Happy Simelane fcing off against owners Peet and Mel Viljoen. Images via Instagram: @hermajesty_simelane and @melanyviljoen

‘Business is not Monopoly’: Tammy Taylor SA slams R2.8m claim

Tammy Taylor SA CEO Peet Viljoen claims Happy Simelane abandoned her responsibilities and disappeared for six months from the nail salon.

Tammy Taylor Happy Simelane Money

The Tammy Taylor SA feud continues with Happy Simelane fcing off against owners Peet and Mel Viljoen. Images via Instagram: @hermajesty_simelane and @melanyviljoen

Former franchisee and author Happy Simelane is demanding her money back from the Tammy Taylor SA owners, Peet and Melany “Mel” Viljoen.

The businesswoman claimed on rapper Gigi Lamayne’s podcast Point of View with Gigi (POVXGIGI) that Peet and his Real Housewives van Pretoria (RHOPTA) wife, Mel, owe her R2.8 million after their failed business deal.

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Former attorney Peet has sent The South African a video clip via WhatsApp in which he claims that Simelane is “suicidal” and has been “in and out of psychiatric facilities”.

Peet then continues to claim in the video that this is allegedly because of “shady” dealings she has been embroiled in when it comes to investing.

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Simelane refuted these claims, saying: “Yes, I am suicidal and I am owning it. I am proud of it. Yes, I was on depression medication because I have lost money. Who wouldn’t lose money and not go through it?

“So I had to find my strength before I can actually break out and talk about this. Now it’s game on, Peet. I am strong… You can say whatever you want to say, I will not be shaken.”

The Your Dreams Are Valid author added that it took her a year to get to where she is now and to own her power.

“I am not going to hide, I am not going to be depressed, I am not going to let these people go away and take my money. Money that I worked hard for, money for my kids,” she explained.

‘She abandoned her responsibilities’

In an audio clip sent to The South African via WhatsApp, Peet said they do not owe Simelane R2.8 million.

According to him, she lost her nail salon because she was never at her store and therefore they had to take the store from her.

The voice of Peet Viljoen breaking down how Happy Simelane lost her salon. Audio via WhatsApp

“She abandoned her responsibilities. Disappeared for about six months, then sued TTN (Tammy Taylor Nails) for cancelling the contract a day too soon. She never claimed in her court papers of anything untoward, and now she tells a different version to the media. At the risk of labouring the point, she told Carte Blanche she never received the salon at all,” he said.

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According to a contract that was shared by Peet, there was a handover meeting on 25 August 2021 when Simelane bought the flagship store in Menlyn, Johannesburg. The store was then handed over on 1 September 2021.

Simelane requested that the lease remain in the name of the Tammy Taylor SA owners until further notice. Head office then paid the first month’s rent and she was to pay it back within 60 days.

Read more below in the document shared by Peet Viljoen:

“We owe her nothing…We did not take more than Happy offered. She made the offer. She could not take over the lease due to bad credit. A ship with a drunk captain shall soon find a rocky shore. We took back our flagship store when she reneged on the deal,” he said.

“Business is not Monopoly. We can’t just hit the ‘I want my money back’ switch. Happy took my flagship store and broke it…Took us six months to get most of the customers back that were pushed out by Happy, so she can have nail parties with celebs,” Peet added.

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