Mel Viljoen celebrates diamond nail patent after Jennifer Lopez spotted with diamond nails. Images via Instagram @melanyviljoen @jlo.

‘R300k’: J.Lo channels Mel Viljoen with diamond nails?

Mel Viljoen is beaming with pride over her diamond nails patent after Jennifer Lopez reportedly rocked diamonds in her nails as well.


Mel Viljoen celebrates diamond nail patent after Jennifer Lopez spotted with diamond nails. Images via Instagram @melanyviljoen @jlo.

Reality star and businesswoman Melany “Mel” Viljoen celebrated her worldwide patent for diamond nails on Thursday 19 January, after actress and singer Jennifer Lopez was seen rocking a fresh set of nails with diamonds in them.

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Mel Viljoen is gushing over her diamond nail idea after Jennifer Lopez reportedly also wore some diamonds in her nails. The Real Housewives van Pretoria (RHOPTA) star shared a screenshot Allure’s article which read “wait, is Jennifer Lopez wearing diamonds in her nails?”.

J.Lo’s manicurist Tom Bachik shared a snap of the singer’s nails with diamonds in them on Instagram on 28 December. Mel has since expressed that she is proud of the diamond patent design and method she registered world wide.

She went on to add that she will be doing the most expensive (ever) diamond nail set worth R300k soon.

“I could not be more proud of the Diamond Patent design & method we registered WORLDWIDE! This February, I will be doing the “MOST EXPENSIVE EVER” Diamond set worth over 300k,” she wrote.

“We will make a full Diamond Nail party video about the event! What an excellent Valentine’s PRESENT. I will be doing the nails, and I can’t wait,” she continued.

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Mel debuted her diamond nail set on an episode of RHOPTA where she hosted a diamond nail day and invited the ladies over to get diamonds in their nails. She then revealed that she held the worldwide patent for diamond nails.

“I hold the worldwide patent for installing diamonds into nails. So I decided one day that diamonds in nails would be fabulous and I hoped that everyone else thought the same,” she said on the latest episode of Real Housewives van Pretoria.

Mel went on to reveal that they have sold sets of nails for a whopping R100 000.

“So, we have sold sets of R100 000 per set of nails,” she continued. 

Mel Viljoen on ‘Real Housewives van Pretoria’. Image via Instagram @melanyviljoen.

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