Another Ama2000 is making a ‘fashion statement’ with her butt-revealing, eyebrows-raising outfit. Images bia TikTok: @mbaarliii_diaza0

Move over, Queen Minaj: Semi-naked Ama2000 causes stir [watch]

‘People need to be arrested for public indecency’: Ama2000 makes a ‘fashion statement’ with her butt-revealing, eyebrows-raising outfit.


Another Ama2000 is making a ‘fashion statement’ with her butt-revealing, eyebrows-raising outfit. Images bia TikTok: @mbaarliii_diaza0

More and more Ama2000s seem to be taking a page out of Limpopo’s Queen Minaj — an Ama2000 lady who has been making waves for her unconventional and controversial butt-revealing outfits in public.

A viral video of another semi-naked Ama2000, who’s TikTok handle is @mbaarliii_diaza0, has caused a stir.

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The video, which the Generation Z social media user posted on her TikTok account, shows her wearing nothing but a bra, thong and fishnet stockings as she has brunch with her friends at a local restaurant called Luma.

@mbaarliii-diaza0’s video comes just days after Ama2000 social media influencer was pictured posing in nothing but a pink thong as she carried a KFC bag in her hands inside the fast food restaurant.

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Queen Minaj is no stranger to bringing shopping centres or places of entertainment to a halt due to her jaw-dropping outfits.

One of her most popular videos was a clip of her in her long signature pink braids, a denim jacket and really tight denim ripped jeans at a mall in Limpopo.

At the times, Queen Minaj grabbed the attention of patrons who eventually followed her around while chuckling and taking snaps and videos of her.

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Queen Minaj brings mall to standstill. Images via Facebook/Queen Minaj.


Following the Ama2000 TikToker’s clip, tweeps had a lot to say as they questioned of her outfit was appropriate for an establisent like restaurant.

“1. She has horrible dishonest friends. 2. The restaurant needs to be stern on dress code, this will taint their brand as a family restaurant. 3. People need to be arrested for public indecency,” @Ziie_Radebe wrote.

“Are there not kids at this establishment? Wallahi, we’re a finished society,” @certifiedthato said.

“The quotes in the comments about agency and freedom of dress code is problem that I have with some liberal politics. So because we believe in agency and body autonomy we must also believe in public indecency, there is no nuance. We must disregard context always lol,” @Chant_ella wrote.

While @chantel_hlo said: “We need to draw the line sometime. And I know some people will say “let people wear what they want.” But No, it isn’t cute.”