Morocco World Cup player Achraf Hakimi and his wife Hiba Abouk.
Images via Instagram

Morocco player’s wife under fire for daring dress [photos]

To wear a burqa or not to wear a burqa? Morocco World Cup player Achraf Hakimi’s wife has courted controversy from Muslim followers.


Morocco World Cup player Achraf Hakimi and his wife Hiba Abouk.
Images via Instagram

Whilst Morocco’s historic World Cup progression has been hailed as an “achievement for the Muslim world”  – in the words of former Germany player Mesut Ozil – one player’s wife has come under fire for her “immoral” wardrobe choice.

Achraf Hakimi – whose spouse is Spanish actress Hiba Abouk – has courted controversy after a picture of her on a red carpet has gone viral.

In it, the brunette wears a revealing outfit alongside her soccer star husband. 

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In the picture, which was taken at the Cannes Film Festival back in May, Achraf Hakimi and his wife walk the red carpet as guests for the film preview The Innocent.

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Hiba wore a two-piece look, baring her cleavage, bare midriff, and lots of legs.

Achraf wore a black velvet suit, showing off his chiselled chest.

But following Morocco’s successful stint in the Fifa World Cup, the picture has re-emerged, and many Muslim fans are not happy.

Here’s what unhappy tweeps had to say: 

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@im_akshatpal: “Something private should not come out. This looks filthy.”

@Rishisharmait: “Put a Burqa on it.”

@Emptyhead283: “Not only she’s not wearing a burqa or hijab, but also her dress where her boobs are popping out can not be considered Islamic.”

@alm144: “Not wearing hijab is Ok, BUT this outfit is definitely not permitted in Islam. Please don’t encourage this @AchrafHakimi”

Others defended the Morocco star -who was born in Spain – and his wife over their “preferences.”

@tooth_scientist: “Their preference. His mother wears it. They can choose to wear it or not. It’s no one’s business to control wearing it”


Meanwhile, more pics and clips of Achraf Hakim’s wife have had fans speculating.

In it, the Spanish star is seen giving her husband a telling-off. And according to tweeps, it’s over the Paris Saint-Germain player’s decision to kiss his mom – and not her – after Morocco’s match victories.

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Watch the video and decide for yourself…