Midi dresses

Midi dress styles that make their way into 2023: Image: Supplied

Midi dress styles that make their way into 2023

Midi dresses have risen in popularity with their increased Pinterest appeal and social media relevance. Check out these styles, take a pick.

Midi dresses

Midi dress styles that make their way into 2023: Image: Supplied

If short dresses are uncomfortable and long dresses are unflattering, the midi dress is perfect for you. Midi dresses have risen in popularity with their increased Pinterest appeal and social media relevance. The internet is flooded with content centered around midi dresses and fun ways to style them. If a floral midi dress has not caught your eye, you’ve been living under a rock! What is the best midi dress? Check out these styles and pick your favorite. 

Midi dresses have been having their heyday recently as cottage core emerges as a dominant aesthetic. The dresses are of a comfortable length for many and are available in different styles and varieties. Trying to figure out what the best trends are in midi dresses? Think no more. Here are some of the most popular styles in midi dresses for women.

Puff Sleeves and Playful Slits

Puff Sleeves and Playful Slits:Image : Supplied

Dating back to the Renaissance period in Europe, puff sleeves have made an everlasting impact on the fashion world. Puff-sleeved midi dresses are playful and simple, perfect for a first date or a picnic with friends. From M&S to Mango, puff-sleeved midi dresses can be easily found in almost all renowned fashion brands. Slits are another popular element in modern clothing. Midi dresses often have slits on the side that make it easy for the wearer to move around and experiment with their style.

Fun Fabrics

Midi dresses for women can now be found in various fabrics thanks to their popularity. From mesh to plissé-crepe, dresses have been designed to suit every special occasion. A satin dress for dinner parties and sequins for new year’s eve, you can trust midi dresses to have your back. Midi dresses are also available in denim and corduroy, offering fashionistas the opportunity to look casual and trendy at the same time. You won’t run out of options when it comes to fabrics in midi dresses. 

Cut-outs and Prints

Cut-outs have been making waves in the fashion world. With celebrities like Simone Ashley sporting gorgeous cut-out dresses on the red carpet, the trend is more popular now than ever. While cut-outs are great to add a little oomph to your midi dresses, prints are also an effective way to turn heads. Floral prints always seem to stay in style and are a safe option when it comes to dresses. Similarly, animal prints can elevate your look if you are feeling a little adventurous. On the other hand, do you remember Tess Holiday’s strawberry dress?


Ruffle midi dresses are perfect for when you want to add a little more movement to your outfit. They are playful and fun, making them a quick choice for many. Ruffle dresses with slits are trendy and often appear on fashion blogs and posts. Laces, frills and ruffles are exciting elements that can inspire any outfit.

Knitted and Comfy

While midi dresses are not your first choice during the winter, knitted dresses can be a game changer. Knitted clothing helps you keep warm and comfy while looking effortlessly chic. Knitted and rib-knit dresses are a great way to remain fashionable and comfortable when the temperature drops. You can always add a jacket or coat for a little extra warmth. 

How to style your midi dress?

Still trying to figure out how to make a statement with a midi dress? Here are other elements you can incorporate into your wardrobe to up your fashion game. 

Coats and Jackets

It’s not news that coats and jackets are an effective way of accentuating any outfit. A woolen midi dress with a simple coat adds flair to your winter wardrobe. While midi dresses are usually made with flowy and light fabrics, knitted and woolen dresses have attracted attention today. Kimono jackets are also a fun addition to midi dresses as the extra layer gives the outfit more character and sophistication. 

Boots and Sneakers

Although sandals and heels are often paired with dresses, pairing your midi dress with boots and sneakers can make for the perfect sporty look. Boots and sneakers also help make dresses a more comfortable option for everyday wear. 

Belts and Scarves

Don’t have the time to plan an elaborate outfit? Belts are the way to go. Belts can help bring a little sparkle to a monochrome midi dress. They will also polish your outfit and make you look put together. If belts aren’t your vibe, scarves are another great addition to your midi dress outfit. A loose knot on your neck or tied around your head, scarves can never go wrong.

Accessorize with Statement Pieces

While a midi dress can make a statement all by itself, adding a few accessories can be exciting. Be it a pair of sunglasses or an intricate choker, the right pieces can do wonders for your look. Layering an outfit with accessories can get tricky when you don’t have the right pieces. Invest in a few statement jewelry pieces, including golden hoops and cuff bangles that can be paired with almost anything. Didn’t think you could wear a midi dress to an evening gala? Think again. There’s nothing a gorgeous pair of earrings can’t fix.

Don’t Stress. Style Away!

Midi dresses can be worn on all occasions and seasons, making them a reasonable addition to your wardrobe. Find the dress that suits your style and purpose. Fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself. Don’t be scared to style your midi dress the way you want. As comfort is a huge criterion when it comes to wardrobe, make sure to pick and choose midi dress styles that can be worn without worries!

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