Kairo Forbes fashion hack

Image via Instagram

Kairo Forbes shares genius fashion hack that will save you money

Kairo Forbes, the daughter of AKA and DJ Zinhle, has shared a savvy fashion hack that will save you money and transform your wardrobe…

Kairo Forbes fashion hack

Image via Instagram

Kairo Owethu Forbes may be the daughter of two of the richest stars in Mzansi – DJ Zinhle and AKA – but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to shine in her own right!

The six-year-old Instagram Influencer shared a fashion hack with her 1 million followers…and all we have to say is – genius!


With boss babe DJ Zinhle for her mom and deal-maker AKA for her dad, it’s no wonder Kairo Forbes is so savvy when it comes to saving – and making – MONEY!

In the clip posted on to her IG, the sassy star revealed how she could transform an old pair of leggings into a fab new top.

“When you don’t have time to go shopping but need a grey top to match your skirt #hack”, she captioned the cute clip of her modelling her new look along to the tune of Meghan Trainor’s Treat Yourself.

And we would absolutely take fashion advice from little Kairo – she’s got great taste in hair and clothes and mom Zinhle claims she is obsessed with make-up and skin trends too!


We have no doubt Kairo Forbes has big dreams of being an entertainer like mom and dad. Just days earlier, the pint-sized star hinted that she was keen on creating her own YouTube videos.

“Should I have my own YouTube Channel, would you like and subscribe AND hit the notification button?” she asked her followers.

“Without hesitation”, claimed many followers.

It’s not the first money-making deal Kairo would have in the bag. She currently has shares in mom’s businesses, she’s collaborated on DJ Zinhle’s Era watch collection with her own unique design – fit for a princess!

She also models funky face masks and trendy sunglasses from the same range.

IF all else fails, Kairo Forbes can always make her mark as a comedian!