loafers sandwich

How much are you willing to pay to get your hands on these sandwich loafers? Image via Instagram: @DollsKill

Feet food? Bizarre ‘loaf-ers’ leave people scratching their heads!

Would you pay R1700 to wear shoes that look like deli sandwiches? Turns out not everyone is opposed to wearing these bizarre ‘loafers’…

loafers sandwich

How much are you willing to pay to get your hands on these sandwich loafers? Image via Instagram: @DollsKill

If there is one thing about humans, it’s that they absolutely love food. The question is, however, do they love food so much that they would wear it on their feet? Dolls Kill Clothing just designed a shoe that is inspired by a deli sandwich and netizens just don’t know what to make of it!

Deli sandwich inspired shoes leaves people laughing out loud

For ages now, designers have taken inspiration for their latest fashion items from all things in nature – even food. One designer might have taken a concept for food-inspired shoes too far after designing shoes that look just a little too much like a sandwich.

The shoes which are a Dolls Kills Clothing original, are called “Deli Sandwich Platform Sneakers” and feature some buns, lettuce, vegan salami made from leather, cheese, and even some onion slices.

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Despite their bizarre appearance, the shoes retail for a whopping R1700 (£85).

“These novelty sandwich sneakers have a vegan leather construction, platform soles with veggies and meats, and adjustable lace-up closures with olive skewer charms,” reads the description of the product on the official website.

Netizens aren’t sure if it’s a joke or not

After Dolls Kill Clothing took to Instagram to debut their weird and wonderful sandwich shoes, many internet users flocked to share their thoughts.

While some wondered whether it was a joke, others cracked hilarious jokes. Read some of their comments about the “loafers” below:

brookemoriarity said:

“The psych ward, cause that’s probably where my parents would send me if I started wearing these.”

nood.elle joked:

“I better not see anyone wearing these Patty Wagons from SpongeBob.”

iamdreathestylist said:

“It’s giving Shaggy and Scooby.”

This isn’t the first time shoes have sent the internet wild and it probably won’t be the last time. And to be honest, these would be quite cute for a dress-up party, won’t they?

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