A scenic, stock shot of a store shelf with new women’s Croc shoes with fun patterns in Fresno, California, on 27 October 2021. Image: Adobe Stock

Crocs are trending: Here’s why you need a pair right now

Regardless of how you feel about them, Crocs are trending and they are here to stay.


A scenic, stock shot of a store shelf with new women’s Croc shoes with fun patterns in Fresno, California, on 27 October 2021. Image: Adobe Stock

Most of you probably wouldn’t be caught dead wearing Crocs a few years ago because they were a joke for years due to their unusual silhouette, which some still consider  as “ugly”. However, a few celebrities on Instagram have been rocking themCrocs and they are now a huge fashion trend. 

Here are a few reasons why you should always have a pair of Crocs in your closet. You can choose from every style and colour possible to enjoy the ideal pair of Crocs for you!


Crocs have a broad selection of shoes to suit all tastes, from trendy platform types to functional-everywhere shoes.

What’s great about owning a pair is that you can add your personal touch to them. You can add charms such as numbers, cartoons, letters and many more! By adding these charms, you can express your personality while matching with the rest of your outfit. Charms are available on the online store and other retail websites. 

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In terms of both design and sleekness, Crocs are a flexible choice in footwear. You could either rock your Crocs as a work shoe, especially if you work at a restaurant. If any liquids spill on them, they are simple to clean thanks to their wipeable design.

Additionally, they make wonderful poolside shoes and are fantastic for working in the garden. You can also choose to wear Crocs as part of a statement ensemble as influencers are currently wearing them because they are such a hot trend. Their adaptability is amazing.


Crocs are designed to handle any kind of weather. If you want shoes that you can wear all year, Crocs are an excellent choice for you.

To make them work for you in winter, make sure to choose one that is closed with a dark colour as this will blend in well with your winter outfits and do not forget your pair of socks.

In summer make sure that you get a pair of Crocs with breathable material and they will sure keep you comfortable all season. Since Crocs are waterproof, this makes them very easy to clean too!

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It’s funny how fashion trends come and go. Who would have thought that Crocs would be in style and trendier than ever? They were once considered as wear-at-home-only or work shoes for doctors and nurses, but today they are the new fashion statement.

They have now shown that their footwear can provide both comfort and style. We have seen this on Instagram from celebrities, such as SZA and Nicki Minaj rocking their bright-coloured pairs.

So, pair up those jeans, shorts, dresses or shorts with your favourite pair; you can even go the extra mile and buy the heeled versions.

So, when are you buying your first pair?

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