Bridesmaid dress

Being a bridesmaid isn’t always fun. Image via Unsplash

Bridesmaid faces big backlash after refusing to wear tight dress

A young bridesmaid sadly opened up about how she was bullied by a bride and the bridal party for refusing to wear a tight dress.

Bridesmaid dress

Being a bridesmaid isn’t always fun. Image via Unsplash

When it comes to weddings, future brides are dead set on how they want things to go. In fact, some brides care so much about having the perfect day that they tend to completely disregard other people’s feelings because they feel that the day is all about them. One bridesmaid got to experience this kind of thing first hand after she was guilt tripped by a bride and the entire bridal party for refusing to wear a tight dress – despite speaking out about being uncomfortable with the dress choice.

Bridesmaid shunned for refusing to wear tight dress

How far is too far when it comes to having the perfect wedding? For this bridesmaid, being forced to wear a dress she was not comfortable is definitely it.

Taking to Reddit, the young woman shared her heartbreaking experience after being chosen as a bridesmaid.

According to her post, she was excited to be apart of the bridal party until she was told that she has no choice but to wear a dress she would not be comfortable with.

“I am overweight. It’s something I’m working on as I’m very much not comfortable in my body, but again, it’s a work in progress,” she said.

“My friends voted on this long-sleeve skin-tight dress. I would not be comfortable in this dress as it’s too tight, both in terms of physical comfort and mental comfort. I voiced my opinion and why and my friends all said they liked the dress most, and the bride-to-be said that since all of my friends agreed on this one we had to pick it. I asked if I could wear a similar dress of my own that’s more comfortable (it’s in a similar shade of green that my friend chose for this dress) so I could still be there but also comfortable” the clearly unhappy bridesmaid explained.

“My friend told me that the day is not about me and that I will just have to put up with being uncomfortable for an evening. I told her it would be genuinely embarrassing for me to wear the dress and that since I respect her day, I’m just going to withdraw from being a bridesmaid so my discomfort doesn’t overshadow her. I said that the dresses were very pretty and I understand why they chose them, but I’m just not willing to wear it. I then said that there’s no hard feelings, I’m not mad, I understand, but they have to understand why I’m uncomfortable” she continued.

The big dress conundrum

Instead of accepting her decision she was made to feel bad by both the bride to be and the rest of the bridesmaids who proceeded to guilt trip her.

“She then got mad and said now either her fiancé will have to drop a groomsman or she has to find another bridesmaid.”

Luckily for her, her mind was put at ease by many Redditors who agreed she was definitely not the a**hole for setting her boundaries.

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