Autumn tips on how to get your

Autumn tips on how to get your closet ready for Autumn

It’s time to say goodbye to hot nights and lengthy beach days as we enter the new season of autumn after a great summer.

Autumn tips on how to get your

If you haven’t already, we’ll soon be putting on our beanies and jackets in the mornings, even though the afternoons are still warm, as we prepare ourselves for autumn.

For those not yet ready to put away their bikinis and cheeky shorts, the change from summer to winter is not pleasant.

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Here are a few easy suggestions to help you relax into autumn and the change from summer to winter:

Do not buy a new wardrobe

Just because the season is changing, don’t go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe. Examine your winter wardrobe, which entails unpacking everything and identifying the items that are now useful.

The essentials that have seen you through many winters are probably a few timeless winter outfits that you simply cannot live without.

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Even if they are always your go-to’s, they might just need some updating. You will not need that heavy puffer jacket or long wool coat right away; instead, a lightweight trench coat and blazer are ideal.

Ensure you have the ideal autumn essentials and accessories

Bring out those jeans you missed wearing during the summer, especially the heavier, darker-toned ones.

Do not forget your accessories. The best accessories are scarves, caps, and beanies because you can easily take them off without damaging your clothing.

The transitional weather is ideal for sweaters and hoodies. When you’re leaving the house throughout the day for a casual occasion, always carry one with you.

Autumn with a style

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However, don’t be in a rush to put away your summer dresses just yet. You can prepare for the chilly weather by adding a pair of tights, switching your summer sandals for ankle boots, or pairing your favourite sneakers with thick socks.

When you’re leaving for a formal event, you can use that lightweight blazer you unpacked. Any summer outfit will look better and feel warmer if you add a timeless black jacket to it. If you choose an oversized jacket, you will be right on the trend.

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Simply replace your sandals with closed-toe footwear, such as ballet pumps, loafers, or sneakers, or add an ankle boot to your collection. For now, leave the tall boots at the knees off.

Therefore, layering is key while transitioning from summer to winter.