Miss SA

Anele Mdoda has reflected on her dress disaster ahead of the Miss SA pageant which she hosted last weekend.
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‘Most hideous dress’: Anele names and shames Miss SA designer

A dress disaster! Anele Mdoda named and shamed two prominent designers for letting her down ahead of the Miss SA pageant last Saturday.

Miss SA

Anele Mdoda has reflected on her dress disaster ahead of the Miss SA pageant which she hosted last weekend.
Image via Twitter

While Anele Mdoda was the picture of perfection as the Miss SA host last weekend, her wardrobe woes were something from her worst nightmare.

The radio personality has reflected on her dress disaster in the lead-up to the pageant, and has even named and shamed two prominent designers!


In her 947 breakfast show on Thursday morning, Anele reflected on her chaotic week ahead of Miss SA. And the biggest stress factor were her dress suppliers, two of which let her down just hours before the pageant.

Anele revealed that pageant creative director Werner Wessels had commissioned three designers – Juan William Aria, Scalo and George from Quiteria George – to design her four dresses of the evening.

While Juan came through with two breathtaking gowns – a white feathered asymmetrical gown and a red metallic number – the remaining designers dropped her like a hot potato.

Describing her first red flag, she said of the designers: “They’re not worried about fitting me”.

Three days before Miss SA, Anele was hit with a bombshell. “George says he does not have the capacity to make the dress,” she said on the show.

With now just three dresses to wear during a two-hour show, Anele revealed that Scalo’s dress – which she received at 21: 00 on the eve of the pageant – was a major disappointment.

She continued: “It was two sizes too small, the cheapest of material. Like when material is so cheap, it hugs your body and shows off your cellulite.

“None of the extravaganza that I was promised. The most hideous dress I have ever put on my body. I literally started crying in the corner. I took it off and threw it in the bin”.

And with hours to go before Miss SA kicked off, Anele was left sobbing. She added: “I am panicking. I am about to melt into a puddle”.


Anele then revealed that she called designer Juan at 22:00, who promised to help her with a back-up dress. The creation was to be worn in the opening segment of Miss SA.

In an amazing sequence of events, Anele found an unused dress – the yellow one worn on the night, which she “Ubered” to the designer, who spent the whole night sprucing it up with beads and feathers.

He said in a voice note played on air: “Four o’clock the next morning, Anele had her dress for Miss SA”.

But despite Anele landing on the best-dressed list for her dazzling dresses, she is still “bitter” about what transpired. She added: “George and Scalo, I really feel that it wasn’t on. Not a message to say sorry. It wasn’t cool”.


As if her breakfast show exposé wasn’t enough to drag the designers through the mud, Anele made sure to name and shame them on Twitter as well.

She tweeted: “Scalo and Mr George of Quiteria George can go fly a kite as far as I’m concerned. It will be cold day in hell before I allow them to even make a napkin for me. That’s that on that”.

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