eyeshadow colours makeup

Image: Siora Photography/Unsplash

Unleash your makeup artist skills with one of these 10 eyeshadow trends

Add to the ever-changing face of beauty and makeup by brushing up on these top eyeshadow looks. They range from fierce to fabulous…

eyeshadow colours makeup

Image: Siora Photography/Unsplash

It’s game-on for eyeshadow! And this is an exciting time for beauty enthusiasts because what were once eye makeup trends, are now morphing into the mainstream.

Thanks to online tutorials on various social media platforms, you also can watch and learn in real-time how to get those looks.

Eyeshadow artistry

There is artistry in many eyeshadow makeup techniques, so see which of these 10 looks might work for you.

1. Mismatched


If you are into taking risks with your makeup, this trend is for you.

Instead of sticking to just one colour, try a different shade on each eye. You can go bold and wear two shades opposite each other on the colour wheel. For example:

  • Blue and orange, or
  • Baby blue and lilac.

2. Sunset


If you have been looking for an eyeshadow look that reflects nature’s beautiful sunsets, this is it.

The sunset trend usually features colours such as red, gold and coral, which will instantly add warmth to your eyes and can make for a stunning look overall.

3. Neon


You might have seen this neon eyeshadow trend all over your Instagram news feed and that is because it is a real crowd pleaser.

This look offers an edgy runway vibe. Try it for the following colours: lime green, yellow and bright pink.

Simply pick a colour that resonates with you and swipe it onto your lids.

4. Glitter


Whether you are looking to press glitter on (lightly) over your eyeshadow or buy glitter eyeshadow, this trend will give a magical look quite easily.

This influential eyeshadow trend is quite daring.  You may have seen it on celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Issa Rae, Jourdan Dunn and Katharine Langford.

5. Animal print


Whether you consider yourself a fan of animal prints or not, you cannot deny that this look is super-creative.

If you are a fan, then it is time to channel your inner spirit animal and rock this trend.

This trend is quite detailed and intricate so if you are a makeup newb, we suggest that you check out a YouTube tutorial. Give yourself extra time to perfect the look.

6. Smoky


The smoky look is a timeless classic that suits every eye shape.

Done correctly, it is a perfect blend of matte and shimmery dark eyeshadow.

And, it does not have to be black. Instead try grey, navy, shimmery brown, plum or forest green, any of which can add a dark and sexy element to your eyes.

7. Watercolour


Spring is around the corner and this is the eyeshadow trend that matches the season.

By using a soft blending brush and pastel eyeshadows – such as pink – you can add a pop of colour to your eyelid and crease.

This will create a soft hue of colour that wraps around your eyes. If you don’t like pink, you can try lilac or lavender.

8. Metallic


The metallic trend makes for a sultry look.

Whether you apply a single colour or use several, it will still serve up a bold, flattering and feminine effect.

9. Ombre


If you were under the impression that ombre was only reserved for nails and hair, then think again.

This multicolour eyeshadow trend allows you to play with colour and show off your blending skills.

To execute this look, apply the lighter shade on the inner corner of your lid, a medium hue in the centre and a darker shadow on the outer corner.

10. Glossy


We have seen every shade of the rainbow take new forms in gloss rendition on fashion runways and Instagram feeds.

The glossy pigment certainly seems to be the look of the year.

There is something about the wet look that can elevate your makeup and make you look like a master makeup artist.