buff guy muscles

This buff guy left people marvelling over his muscles. Images via Twitter: @kulani_cool

Every woman’s dream? Hectically buff macho man goes viral [watch]

A really buff man has been accused of skipping leg day after a video of him flexing his oversized biceps went viral on social media!

buff guy muscles

This buff guy left people marvelling over his muscles. Images via Twitter: @kulani_cool

A young man has managed to go viral after a clip of him flexing his oversize muscles was shared online. In the video, the man can be seen walking in a mall with a vest on that completely shows off his naturally huge biceps. Locals have not stopped laughing at how bizarre he looks and have been laughing their butts off.

Buff guy gives locals the giggles

While many people struggle to keep up with their fitness goals and often find themselves opening gym accounts that they never use, others become completely obsessed with lifting.

One man that has gone viral for his large muscles, is definitely one of those people who take their gym goals very seriously. In a clip that was shared on Twitter by @kulani_cool, the buff guy can be seen garnering a lot of attention in a local mall because of his incredibly big biceps.

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“Every woman’s dream,” the clip was captioned by Kulani. Of course, it went viral as South African men and women took to the comment section where they shared their thoughts on the big guy.


Hilarious comments are born

While some wondered how he got to be so big, other poked fun at the way he was walking. Some even accused the man of taking bucket loads of steroids in order to reach that level of buffness.

Here are some of their comments:

@veneration1 said:

“Even with my 12 years of gym consistency, I can’t get to this level.”

@Matthew58982872 said:

“Injected the steroids directly into the triceps ai.”

@bluemiiints said:

“He injected each muscle with some crazy-ass, death concoction. You can tell because his muscles aren’t proportioned. On top of that, the weight in his lower body isn’t strong enough to hold on the weight in his upper which is why he’s walking weird.”

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