Esther Mahlangu adds ‘sacred N

Dr Esther Mahlangu inside the Rolls-Royce Phantom which she customised with her Ndebele artwork. Image via Twitter

Esther Mahlangu adds ‘sacred Ndebele geometry’ to Rolls-Royce Phantom

Dr Esther Mahlangu has set social media platforms alight with her artwork which forms part of Rolls Royce Phantom’s interior.

Esther Mahlangu adds ‘sacred N

Dr Esther Mahlangu inside the Rolls-Royce Phantom which she customised with her Ndebele artwork. Image via Twitter

Acclaimed artist Dr Esther Mahlangu has become the first South African to have her distinctive Ndebele-inspired artwork displayed on the interior of a customised Rolls Royce Phantom.

The latest design of the “Mahlangu” Rolls-Royce Phantom was unveiled on Thursday morning 13 February at The Melrose Gallery at One&Only Cape Town.;0Wv6B~_Zx8AXUoMwFw~-~-.bps.a.2690630721021852/2690631421021782/?type=3&theater;0Wv6B~_Zx8AXUoMwFw~-~-.bps.a.2690630721021852/2690631397688451/?type=3&theater;0Wv6B~_Zx8AXUoMwFw~-~-.bps.a.2690630721021852/2690631571021767/?type=3&theater;0Wv6B~_Zx8AXUoMwFw~-~-.bps.a.2690630721021852/2690631601021764/?type=3&theater;0Wv6B~_Zx8AXUoMwFw~-~-.bps.a.2690630721021852/2690631867688404/?type=3&theater

Esther Mahlangu solo exhibition

Mahlangu is the first South African artist to be commissioned to create a painting for the gallery inside a new Phantom. According to The Melrose Gallery, this exquisite car will be on display from 13 to 16 February 2020. 

The gallery is also hosting a solo exhibition, entitled Disrupting Patterns, which features a selection of Dr Mahlangu’s paintings. The exhibition also opened on Thursday and will run until 31 March 2020. 

Commenting on Dr Mahlangu’s work, The Melrose Gallery said: “Her artworks are geometric, modern and abstract in nature speaking to the natural order and balance inherent in sacred geometry and all things”.

BMW collaboration in 2016

Gogo Mahlangu has worked with many global brands over the years. Among her notable feats is her collaboration with BMW, creating amazing artwork for the car manufacturer’s 7 Series in 2016.  

She transformed the interior of the luxury BMW sedan into a dynamic work of art by painting her characteristic motifs on the interior wooden trims.

This was the second time that the prominent artist joined forces with BMW, having first collaborated with BMW 25 years earlier on an Art Car project. In 1991, Mahlangu became the first woman to create artwork on a BMW 525i Sedan, based on her Ndebele heritage.

Committed to preservation of Ndebele heritage

Mahlangu is committed to preserving this heritage. In an SABC interview, she shared her hopes:

 “I want the younger generation to understand. I don’t want it lost through the generations. The younger generation needs to know about art and their heritage. I am trying to teach them something new and hopefully they will be excited as much as I am about art and preserving my heritage.”

Born in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, in 1935,  Mahlangu has become the ambassador of South Africa’s South Ndebele heritage and art. She started painting at the age of 10, taught by her mother and grandmother in the tradition of decorating walls.

Watch this clip in which Mahlangu shares her passion as an artist: