Karen Zoid has dedicated a song to Eskom and load shedding.
Image via Instagram

‘They Cut The Power’: Karen Zoid dedicates new song to Eskom

If you don’t laugh about load shedding, you’ll surely cry! Listen to Karen Zoid’s killer track, courtesy of Eskom ….


Karen Zoid has dedicated a song to Eskom and load shedding.
Image via Instagram

Eskom and its problem child load shedding have been on the receiving end of many a joke. But it’s not just comedians who are capitalising out on rolling blackouts

Over the years, many artists have penned songs about being left in the dark – literally.

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Appearing on Jacaranda FM‘s Breakfast with Martin Bester, singer Karen Zoid debuted her song about Eskom and load shedding, aptly called They Cut The Power.

The song was written by Afrikaans rocker’s son Ben Francis.

Earlier this month, Karen shared a snippet of the song on her Instagram account. “Came up with this idea during load shedding last night”, she captioned a clip of her singing by candlelight alongside her son.

And the lyrics are something all South Africans identify with.

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She sings: “Ladies and gentlemen, excuse the lighting or the lack thereof.

“We’ll drink to Thomas Edison, here in the dark.

“Break out your generator…start a fire…light a candle.

“Pray to God…for power stations, and copper rods”

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She ends off with the classic line: “Eskom se po*s”


If you’re looking for a laugh – the alternative being crying over SA’s sad state of affairs – here are a few more songs about Eskom and load shedding…