13-year old Erin Byrnes

13-year old Erin Byrnes next to the SUV that she won. Image: Understanding Compassion

Heart of gold: 13-year-old donates R1 million SUV prize to shelter

How many teens you know would donate R1 million to charity? 13-year-old Erin Byrnes donated her prize car to a single mothers shelter.

13-year old Erin Byrnes

13-year old Erin Byrnes next to the SUV that she won. Image: Understanding Compassion

A 13-year-old girl has melted many hearts with an incredibly kind gesture. Erin 13-year old Erin Byrnes won an SUV worth $70 000 (about R1 million). Instead of thinking about toys and all the cool things she could do with the money, the teenager decided to donate the car to the single moms who stay in a shelter in her area.

Erin Byrnes: One of a kind teen

Erin 13-year old Erin Byrnes, a 13-year-old Washington DC teenager has stolen the hearts of many with a grand act of kindness. The young teen helped many single moms and served as a really great example of what humanity looks like.

According to Understanding Compassion, 13-year old Erin Byrnes started her journey towards making a difference in the lives of the single mothers who stay at a shelter in Washington called Josephs House by collecting plastic bottles and waste cans. Initially, the teen wanted to use the money she made from her recycled material to donate to the shelter.

Instead of donating the $200 (about R2 900), she decided to use it to buy 60 raffle tickets. It turns out her decision was a good one indeed because she ended up winning an SUV worth a whopping $70 000 (around R1 million.)

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A life-changing decision

Instead of keeping the car or selling it for money, Bryness stuck to her original plan and donated the car to the single moms at the shelter where she reportedly spent a lot of time in the past helping to take care of the babies.

“Joseph’s House is very important to me. They need the money more than I do. And if you saw those babies, you would have done the same thing,” said the 13-year-old.

Her mom doesn’t seem surprised by her daughter’s amazing act of kindness and had this to say about it:

“We never dreamed in a million years that Erin would win.”

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