This couple fell off a crane during their wedding entrance. Images via Instagram: @bride_special

Epic fail as newlyweds fall off crane during big wedding entrance [watch]

Wedding entrance gone wrong: Netizens haven’t stopped laughing after a clip of newlyweds plunging from a crane was shared online.


This couple fell off a crane during their wedding entrance. Images via Instagram: @bride_special

Everyone wants their wedding to be some sort of spectacular event that people don’t stop talking about. One internet couple is no exception. The newlyweds decided on a pretty grand entrance but unfortunately for them, things took a dramatic turn for the worse.

Call an ambulance! Newlyweds plunge from crane during dramatic wedding entrance

How far are you willing to go to ensure that your wedding is remembered by all your guests? One couple proved that they were willing to do just about anything to get that spectacular wedding effect.

The newlyweds decided that the best way to make sure people spoke about their wedding for years afterward was to get on a crane for their entrance into the reception.

While their plan appeared to be great, it turned into a disaster went they bizarrely fell from the large crane mid entrance.

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A clip that was shared on Instagram by @brides_special shows the pair sitting on the crane before they came tumbling down much to the shock and dismay of the wedding guests.

Netizens haven’t stopped laughing

Naturally, the post blew up as many social media users headed to the comment section to criticise couples and their need to be extravagant. A lot of people laughed while others wondered if the young couple served the hilarious yet dangerous accident. Here are some of their comments:

foodie_u_foodie_me said:

“Crane driver must be her ex????”

naveen396 said:

“Hahaha.. they deserved this. Why do these fancy ideas come in when you see so many accidents nowadays”

ankit_adityaa said:

“A wedding memory for the whole world.”

syedasukainaa said:

“I hope they’re okay.”

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